Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sanctuary School Campuses? No Such Thing, Even for Legal Students

President Trump is not playing around. He ran on a platform of Law and Order platform.

And he is following through on these clear-cut expectations. No more rioting. No more disregard for the rights of citizens.

Enough with the gutter class of the utterly lawless getting better treatment than the law-abiding.

Of course, the adult children, demonized from lack of discipline, in California's State Legislature refuse to do what they are told. It's time for the President to put all of them in a corner, followed by a spanking, then sent to their rooms early without dinner.

Check out what the anti-professional Los Angeles School Board is doing right now

LAUSD President on ‘sanctuary city’ order: Trump’s administration ‘iscoming for us and it affects all of us’

Following President Trump’s vow to cut funding to “sanctuary cities,” school districts providing similar protections to undocumented students and their families wondered if they too might fall in the administration’s cross hairs.

Human beings are not "undocumented". They are illegal. It's a pretty simple concept. Of course, education in Los Angeles ensures that no one can understand even the simplest of concepts.

California’s schools receive billions in federal grants to support special education, low-income families and English learners. Cuts to federal funding could devastate schools already struggling with tight budgets, according to Steve Zimmer, president of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest in the nation.

Cut the funding! Take a chainsaw to every corrupt, disrespecting institution in the state of California which refuses to respect federal law and protect our borders.

More than $700 million of LAUSD’s nearly $8 billion budget comes from Washington.

Then do your job, Zimmer and Co, and cut the illegal immigration crap NOW!

This contagion of lawlessness does not stop with LAUSDL

In Pasadena’s Unified School District, officials said they would not allow U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement on to school campuses unless legally required.

A sharp cut to federal funding could “bankrupt” schools in the Bassett Unified School District, a tiny mostly Latino school district in east Los Angeles County. More than 20 percent of the district’s budget comes from the federal government.

Here's an idea -- obey the law! Any school district which harbors illegal aliens and enables illegal immigration loses their money. Period. This perverse drain on public funds must end. It's time for our public, taxpayer-funded institutions to put the needs of Americans first.

Schools are for citizens. If we want to Make Education Great Again, then it's time to stop allowing illegal aliens and their children to fill up our classrooms, especially since they are not abiding by our laws and not paying taxes to cover for their presence in our classrooms.

Of course, Los Angeles Unified, Pasadena Unified, and even Bassett Unified have no interest in complying with federal law. They want the money which comes from student attendance, regardless of whether they are legal or not!

By the way ...

Schools are not sanctuaries to begin with. They are overrun with disciplinary problems, lack of enforcement, unruly students, and frazzled teachers. Add to this ugly mess the timid, self-serving administrators more interested in the next promotion, who do not want to ruffle feathers and want to prop up the test scores through creative reporting.

Teachers are not allowed to teach, in many cases because of destructive political correctness which prevents teachers from holding students accountable just because of the color of their skin. This is amother form or racist, the soft bigotry of low expectations, in which teachers and administrators let black and Hispanic students get away with unruly behavior because they are inherently disadvantaged.

Why about the rights of all students to learn? What about the rights of all students to teach?

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