Friday, February 3, 2017

From Tea Party to "Me Party": Gary Aven, Illegal Immigration, and How He Blamed Me for It

It has been hard for me to take in all the crap and backroom corruption that has been eating up the Republican Party in Los Angeles County and the conservative movement in the region, in particular.

When I had learned that John Paul Tabakian was using his corrupt and now dwindling West Cal Academy program to recruit illegal aliens and use them on campaings.

I was livid.

I was horrified. This was terribly offensive to me. We have thousands of young people in the South Bay and throughout Los Angeles County who are looking for a better education. Why do the DREAMers born in our country get short-shrift or no attention and respect at all, while these illegal aliens, regardless of their age, get all the love and attention!

I had stormed out of a meeting at a fundraising event for former Congressional candidate Chris Castillo--another "progressive" RINO who ended up embracing perverse views, then tried to shame and discredit me and others publically.

Tabakian had sweet talked him about using illegal aliens for his campaign.

I stormed out of the fundraiser.

Then I received a phone call that evening.

It was from ... Gary Aven:

Why was he calling me?

At the time, he was the chief financial officer for this West-Cal Academy program.

He was invested in it, to put it mildly.

You will notice that Gary is mentioned in the above comments. 

Gary has told others that he was not aware of the illegal immigration/illegal alien connection intertwined with West-Cal Academy.

All of that is a lie.

Anyway, back to February 2016 ...

He called me pretty quickly that evening, after I saw that Tabakian was still a shady, corrupt individual out to violate our immigration laws, with no regard for our citizenry or the rule of law.

Gary started telling me that this program was the right thing to do. That we should be helping the illegals get an education.

Then this statement really offended me:

"Now Arthur, you realize that it's our fault that these kids are in our country illegally. We are responsible for this!"

That was the most offensive thing that I had ever heard. One could even call it a simplistic form of "white guilt."

You don't believe he shared these views? He was the President of the South Bay Tea Party.

"There are also several presuppositions that we must consider.  As a country we have not enforced our immigration laws.  We cannot just blame the government for the past 35 years but we also have to blame we the people who elected the government."

Here's a snippet of the statement on the blog, in case Gary takes it down:

Our borders are not secure, and illegal immigration is rampant in California because our government refuses to enforce our laws. We the People have a responsibility to elect good leaders and ensure that they enforce our laws

But the fact that he was blaming me?! Outrageous!

He then tried to talk down to me, as though to calm me down.

"Now, Arthur ... Arthur. The two of us are really not that different. We agree more than we disagree."

The last time someone had said that to me? Torrance Mayor Pat Furey, who had colluded with the McCormick PAC to aid his election as mayor in 2014.


John Paul Tabakian
This man--Tabakian--with Gary Aven was pushing a destructive to get rich, or at least to feel good about himself. His crony in this immoral behavior, John Paul Tabakian, raved about getting rich and making lots of money through this "career pathway" agenda.

Who would have known that it was really about getting illegals involved in politics?

This is just shameful.

Then add to this corrupt mess ... Gary Aven is a member of the 66th-AD Central Committee ...

The same committee whose Chairwoman was trying to get rid of me from early September.

"Get rid of Arthur!"
What is going on with all of this nonsense?

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County thinks that illegal immigration and embrace of this lawlessness is going to somehow make the GOP a relevant force in the county again?

How has that worked for the last 20 years? The state is turning into a third-world cesspool, corruption, illiteracy, poverty, and overall moral decay.

We need the rule of law in our country, in our state!

To pander on immigration is not the way to go!

Then came the Sheriff Joe Arpaio event in September, 2016

Another attendee at the event shared with me that Gary didn't know that Sheriff Joe would be there.


Then the crazy anti-social injustice warriors showed up to try and ruin the event:

What I found interesting was that Gary Aven knew the names of the people protesting!

How would he know that?

Then when I wrote an expose connecting Tabakian and West-Cal Academy and those things, I got a sinister phone call at 1:00 in the morning!

"Take down that posting you did! You're looking at a lawsuit!"

I have learned since then that Gary Aven routinely resorts to threatening people with lawsuits and pressing charges against people when they say or write things that he does not like--especially when they are true!

He then texted me against about the young Hispanic male who had yelled in my face and flipped off Sheriff Arpairo:

"His name is Vincent Quintero. He worked on the Rubio campaign six years ago. We need people like him ..."

He knew who that guy was too?!

So was this whole thing about trying to bring in young people of color into the Republican Party by pandering on amnesty?

Oh brother!

And now there are more reports that he routinely argues with current (perhaps former) members of the Central Committee. He has attacked me personally because of my firm stance on immigration, too (no amnesty, period!)

This is getting out of control.

Please, do not bore with the long talk about Reagan's 11th Commandment. The fact is, a party without principles has no principle reason to exist. Go beyond party labels, and focus on doing what is best for the country based on the rule of law, limited government, constitutional rule, national primacy and individual liberty.

It's about time that we called out this crap, especially in regards to illegal immigration.

And now I understand that Gary is still throwing his weight around, giving people a hard time.

Enough with this!

It's time to Make America Great Again! It's time to Make California Great Again!

It's time for our laws to be honored and enforced, and to expose people who are undermining the rule of law and our national sovereign!


  1. Thank you Arthur. I take this article as a badge of honor. One (of many) correction, I knew we were reaching out to Dreamers from the beginning. The community colleges have quite a high percentage of them. I believe in educating them not discarding them. Omar keeps incorrectly quoting me. I never said I did not know. Great picture by the way. It is in front of the Garden Tomb of Jesus where my Savior rose from the dead. I hope you can receive the same kind of peace that I have receive from my Lord. Thanks Gary Aven

  2. I just saw when I posted that you block comments.