Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump Supporters in Deep Blue West Hollywood!

February 2, 2017.

It's Groundhog day, but for conservatives rejoicing about Trump's victory, spring has come early. We are not covering up and going underground. We are walking proudly and freely, ready to take back truth, time, and territory from the corrosive forces of fraud, deceit, secularism, and multicultural hatred running rampant in our universities, our schools, the media, and throughout the state of California.

We are not backing down. Instead, we full recognize that a long fight awaits us as we Make America Great Again!

The West Hollywood scene is as left-wing as it gets south of San Francisco.

Openly homosexual city councilmembers (which they use to cover up their corruption and pay-for-play) along with a decadent grunginess which advertises sense over sensibility and common sense, West Hollywood is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah without the fire and brimstone.

The raging Left demands pay for nothing, and demands that everyone pay the bill.

Every illiberal, fascist repressive policy one can think of, the elected officials promote and pursue.

But with Donald Trump in the White House, the hell-raising Rainbow SJWs are convinced that Hilter 2.0 has taken over.

Just one problem: even homosexuals voted for Donald Trump, as they fear like all Americans for their future prosperity and their present security.

The West Hollywood haters planned an open meeting then a march

California Trump supporters showed up at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Blvd to represent for our President Donald Trump!

Check out the photos, people!

It may have gotten darker, but We the People shined brighter and brighter!

And even when the crowds got a little larger on the other side, the Trump Train was rolling along just fine:

Check out this awesome photo:

After our own little parade down Santa Monica Blvd, members of our Trump Team took a nice photo outside of the liberal (fascist?) West Hollywood City Hall:

Don't forget to watch Channel 5's featured take on our pro-Trump rally! Click here.

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