Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Press Release: Karina La Korrupta Under Investigation

From Candidate Laura Herrera:

The DA Launches an Investigation of

 Huntington Park Councilmember Karina Macias’ Illegal Kickback Scheme

HUNTINGTON PARK, CA- The District Attorney officially launched an investigation to look into Huntington Park Councilmember Karina Macias’ illegal kickback scheme following Sunday’s Los Angeles Times report. Today, the LA Times released a second story detailing the nature of the start of the investigation. You may read the article at the following link. (Click here)

Karina Macias is in clear violation of Government Code 1090, which prohibits this kind of corrupt pay for play politics where city contacts are awarded and voted on by the same people who personally benefit financially from them. As a result, Councilmember Macias CAN AND SHOULD be prosecuted for these crimes and be removed from office for stealing money from our hard working residents. She is filtering funds into her own pockets and into hands of her three council colleagues, Mayor Graciela Ortiz, Vice Mayor Marilyn Sanabria and Councilmember Jhonny Pineda and their friends including their master manipulator Efren Martinez.

[I called him Puppet Master:

Shame, SHAME on Martinez!

Former Huntington Park Mayor Ric Loya reacts to today’s news saying, “More facts are needed, but the absence of contributions to candidates Karina Macias assisted by anyone who was not a city contractor or who did not become one is appears of a self-funding scheme. And, the fact that the Efren Martinez twice decided not to run for the California State Assembly after accepting the contributions is also appears suspicious.”

Huntington Park Councilmember Valentin Amezquita, who worked with the FBI last year to expose corruption, responds, “At this stage, Karina Macias and her other council colleagues should be more concerned about the law than about the election. They should cooperate with the District Attorney with the truth about why they voted on certain city contracts.”

Valetin Amezquita

Laura M. Herrera, a consistent advocate against corruption in Huntington Park, says,  “As much as an investigation from the District Attorney vindicates many people in our community that have banded together to fight against corruption, it is also incredibly disheartening that once again our city’s leaders are shedding negative light on Huntington Park.  It’s deeply troubling that Karina Macias, along with Efren Martinez, are continuing the tradition of corruption in the Southeast where Huntington Park residents ultimately pay the price.”



  2. Please investigate Graciela and Marilyn they are giving Efren tons of contracts