Friday, February 10, 2017

Sanctuary Cities Are Bowing to Federal Authority

As soon as President Trump office, he declared his intention to defund sanctuary cities.

And government agencies and boards are starting back off and comply with federal law:

From Breitbart Texas:

A New York sheriff has announced that it will be reversing its sanctuary policy just ahead of President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco announced that his county will no longer demand a judge’s order before detaining an illegal immigrant wanted by federal immigration officials, a major shift away from its previous sanctuary city policy, according to Newsday. 

Here's a video reporting on this long-overdue reversal in New York State:

Several towns, cities and counties around the nation are caving to President Trump's threat to pull funding, and abandoning their "sanctuary" pledges to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.

  • Here's the list:
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Miami-Dade
  • Saratoga, N.Y., 
  • Finney County, Kan., 
  • Bedford, Penn.

Check out what Grindall61 reported:

It's real and it's happening

We need Jeff Sessions to get down here to Southern California and enforce all of our nation's federal immigration laws.

And know just the place for him to start:

And two illegal aliens who need to be deported:

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