Tuesday, February 28, 2017

¡Ya Basta! Sandra Orozco, La Vendida de Verdad (¡Que Verguenza!)

Southeast Los Angeles County politics are the worst I have ever seen--and experienced.

Candidates will stab friends in the back,or attack them in the front.

Activists will support certain elected officials, then turn their backs on them when someone gives them a better offer.

Los Angeles County is full of pay for play. It's stifling and it's disgusting.

One set of corrupt Democrats get thrown out of office, and another more vicious set of Democrats takes over.

Here they are:


Corruptitos de Huntington Park (Except for Valentin on the left)

Then there's Sandra Orozco.

She takes the cake for corrupt, craven, and despicable.

She was a vocal supporter of We the People Rising.


She actively campaigned and agitated against Huntington Park's corrupt and wicked decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Here are her comments to Channel 9 news after the appointment:

She wanted to fight corruption.

She once told me that she was thinking about becoming a Republican herself.

She called out the corruption in Maywood and Huntington Park as well as Cudahy.

She was also a big fan of Jack Guerrero of Cudahy.

She roasted the Cudahy City Council. Here's a photo of her protesting the sanctuary city policy in Cudahy:

Here are other photos of Orozco handing out with We the People Rising:

Here she is hanging out with Jack Guerrero, too:

Here she is:

Sandra Orozco: "Jack is my buddy!"

Wow, she looks a big friend of Jack, doesn't she?

And there's more:

but then ....

I get this strange message:

Then this:

To all. Cudahy City council member Jack Guerrero is trying to confuse people regarding marijuana issue. Attorney Joaquin is citing the law. No one is playing games or trying to hide anything. They are lawyers. If they lie to their client they will lose their license to practice law. Enough is enough with Jack Guerrero.

I am sick to my stomach.

She has been a drama ueen, thinking that the world revolves around her.

She wants the camera. She does not care about her community or the surrounding communitites.

She has been an "activist" for what--10 years?

She accomplished what in that time? Nada.

She's buddy-buddy with Lucille Roybal-Allard. She is the corrupt Queen of  the Southeast.

Here are my thoughts on the corrupt Congresswoman:

 And what does Sandra say?

¡Vendida y Vendida--Todas las dos son corruptas!

What's the lesson to learn here?

Sandra was a dedicated activist--I suppose.

How do politicians get rid of thorns in their side, then?

First, they try to scare them.

That did not work.

Then ... they buy them.

Chris Garcia bought Sandra.

Orozco used to oppose marijuana.

Now she uses it.

Then Chris Garcia took advantage of her.

How? Probably by pulling strings with Speaker Rendon--and Orozco became "Democratic Woman of the Year,"

She goes around bragging about how many people know her.

She has to tell everyone how she is Woman of the Year.

She is arrogant and disrespectful to people. She demonstrates no gratitude

There is one word to describe her now:


And listen to her disdain Jack Guerrero for ... no good reason at all:

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