Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cudahy Councilman Chris Garcia's "White Supremacist" Opponents

Chris Garcia is getting a lot of attention these days.

He wanted lots of love and friendship from the Cudahy voters, so he told everyone that he would protect the illegal aliens in the city from the Big Bad Government.

One problem: Garcia's decision to announce a sanctuary city policy for Cudahy gave the municipality more press--bad press.

ICE showed up and started deporting illegals from the city.

And then We the People Rising showed up and put them on notice!

Then the four little boys decided to move their city council meetings to a larger venue, so that they could more easily escape from constituents holding them accountable.

Now, Garcia is facing a tough re-election bid.

And he just had to drop the following lie at the latest city council meeting:

Indeed, creepy Chris maligned all the constituents in the room, particularly the Trump supporters.

Here are those "white supremacists" that Chris is talking about:

Harim Uzziel
Hispanic and Jewish

Betty Retama of Huntington Park
Married to a man of Mexican Descent
With a grandson who is half-Japanese

Agnes Gibboney
Whose son was half-Hispanic
He was killed by an illegal alien

I hope that those of you reading are picking up on the cruel yet crazy-funny irony of Chris Garcia calling us "White Supremacists."

We the People Rising and LA for Trump are a diverse group which have visited different sections of Los Angeles County to rally for Trump

Check out LA for Trump in Watts!

Angie Copley, Jessica Runfola, Jerome. and Arthur
White supremacy?!

We are living out the Dream that Martin Luther King shared on the steps of the Washington Monument in his 1963 speech!

Here's another "white supremacist" from the Cudahy city council meeting:

Omar Navarro--First Vice President of the Beach Cities Republicans
He is half-Mexican, Half-Cuban, but All-American

Here are a few more of Cuda-hate Chris' "white supremacist" opponents:

Chanell Temple,
Black Activist for Trump

He even called this young man a "White supremacist":

Adolfo Varas:
Hispanic, gay,  Millennial
Yep-He must be a "white nationalist" (*sarcasm*)
The whole story comes down to this ...

The people who showed up to hold Chris Garcia's feet to the fire and push him out of office -- are not White Supremacists.


They are Americans -- and the vast majority of them want the rule of law respected in their country. 

But if you want to see what a racist really looks like ...

Chris Garcia

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