Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daily Breeze Fake News--BCR President DID Offer Statement Re: RPLAC Revocation

The print version of the Daily Breeze states that I did not provide an email comment for the paper.

That is wrong.

First, see what the paper printed:

That is not true.

Here is the email statement which I submitted to Nick Green--for some reason, his email ended up in my Junk File (LOL!):

Here is close-up of the email showing when I sent it out:

I responded to Green's press inuiry on Friday, February 17 -- he and the Daily Breeze had PLENTY of time to update the article about the BCR Charter revocation -- but didn't until the day after the article was printed.


By the way ... here is my statement:

RPLAC (Republican Party of Los Angeles Central Committee) revoked the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans because we are a bold, conservative, active group and were not afraid to fight.

RPLAC also shut down another club because they were conservatives. This purging in establishment GOP institutions is happening more often than it should.

It's kind of like what Hillary Clinton's camp did to the Bernie Sanders' supporters.

The Central Committee Chairwoman for my district( AD-66) Janice Webb--under pressure from party leaders Andy Gharakani, Gary Aminoff, and Mark Vafiades--was trying to get rid of me as far back as September.

Why? Because I am conservative and an outspoken activist who actually wanted to make our case -- and make California Great Again.

I am not sure why she was upset and was trying to get rid of me as President of the Beach Cities Republicans.

Our club membership numbers were growing. We have a more diverse group of people than before.

Five more people just joined our club last night. We even have  members joining us from Southeastern Los Angeles County. Republican elected officials throughout the South Bay who have not receive any support from the RPLAC (Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee) have spoken at my club.

Many of our members have been featured on TV, as well, supporting President Trump!

Regarding Webb's crusade to try and get rid of me:

I had met with Chairwoman Janice Webb personally to find out what the conflict was. She refused to provide me any answers.

Instead, she pressured me to cancel a "Latinos For Trump" meeting that the Beach Cities Republicans hosted on October 20th.

She even went as far as calling my boss --!-- to pressure him to get me to cancel the meeting.

It was unethical, it was unlawful. I filed numerous complaints about this abusive behavior, and nothing was done about it.

After the election, I received a hastily written email from the Executive Director of RPLAC demanding that I step down or the club's charter would be revoked.

They cited no just reason for doing so. It was outrageous and hastily written, too: My name was spelled wrong, TWICE!

They basically put a gun to the memberships' head -- "If you re-elect Arthur for President, we will revoke your charter."

I thought elections were supposed to determine leadership, right?

Our club fought back, we stood up to this internal bullying, and we had our election. I won re--election by 2/3 of the vote.

So why did RPLAC leaders go to all this trouble to get rid of the largest and  most active GOP Clubs in LA County?

Ultimately, I was a whistleblower for abusive behavior against me and my club, and in a petty attempt to silence or de-legitimze us, they revoked our charter--and for the most unjustified of reasons.

I have written a number of posts about what RPLAC did to me and my members.

I have provided a link below:

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. There is so much more I can tell you, if you want to know.

Arthur Schaper
President, Beach Cities Republicans
(310) ----------

Feel free to contact me -- anyone who is reading -- for more information

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