Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Racist Pro-Amnesty Agitator Calls Americans "Wetbacks and Tax Cheats"

The hatred of the mind nursed and fed with La Raza propaganda is a terrible sight to behold.

Young people with skills and potential are being brainwashed to hate American, to hate Anglos, and to despise the rule of law.

In our public schools, teachers are turning students into victimized social justice warriors who have every right to defy authority and break our laws. The whole mess is just shameful.

To see what some of this misguided hatred looks like, consider this hatemonger:

He called Americans "wetbacks" and "Tax cheats."

This the full extent of anti-American, pro-La Raza hatred.

It's really sad, and disgusting.

Let's consider a few things that he shared with the public:

"200 years ago, the first wetbacks ...."

Honestly, who talks like that? Isn't this sad and shameful in itself?

" ... English settlers migrate here."


"Because of tax evasion, they are selfish and greedy."

Wow! Feel the hate.

"You are wetbacks!"

"Are we forgetting that California, Texas and others used to be Mexico?"

Nope. I have known all of this for a long time. And the American government paid for the land fair and square.

This kid needs a history lesson or a check up from the neck up.

Liberalism and ethnocentric hatred are mental disorders. Clearly.

"Sanctuary city policies are legal and protected by the10th Amendment."

Yes, he said that. No, they are not.

"They tell us to learn English, but English orginated in Northwest Germany."

Uh .... no. It originated in ... England. That's why the language is called "English,"

And most of the protesters chanted and cheered when he continued trotting out his anti-Anglo, anti-American hate.

This is sad.

And one should ask ... does he pay taxes?


  1. Same 'ol story. They want to take back parts of Texas, New Mexico, and California because they say it used to belong to them. Actually, they planned a battle. We showed up and they did not. We could have just taken the land then but instead we offered to purchase it. They agreed to the sale price and we purchased it. Totally legal, over and done with. The Mexicans who had homesteaded north of the border were allowed to stay. Before that, our settlers were kicked out unless they agreed to become Roman Catholics. What we purchased was open land, much of it dessert. Now that it has been developed into towns and cities, they want it back? I don't think so. This is how unjustified anger spreads like wildfire.

  2. For some reason people seem to think that white people have a monopoly on racism. Incredibly inaccurate. Since the beginning of time, tribes fought each other, each thinking they were the better tribe. There are some racists in every ethnic group. The Mexicans hate the Puerto Ricans and probably the Americans. I have known as many black racists as I have known white racists. Everyone needs to look in the mirror.