Thursday, February 23, 2017

Liberal Redneck On Negative Treatment of Gays and Muslims: "It's Jesus' Fault"

David Rubin, former reporter for "The Young Turks", remains a self-described classical liberal.

He has also become an intriguing YouTube talk show host.

He's willing to allow people with different points of view on his program.

I just found out about David Rubin's interview with this liberal redneck/comedian Trae Crowder.
He even invited a liberal redneck on his show.

For a man who has embraced open dialogue and not suing people who disagree with you, this is a momentous step indeed.

Crowder gave some interesting background about his upbringing and his life.

When it came to describing Southerns and the conservative culture, I found him to be uninformed and even arrogant.

Talk about a self-loathing snob!

Where does this Trae guy get off on attacking and shaming people from the South?

Apparently, his childhood was  difficult. His mother struggled with a drug problem. She ended up in prison. His uncle was gay, and he learned about this lifestyle at an early age. He came to hate people who did not support homosexuality.

One question leaped up in mind right away: Why was Trae learning about homosexuality at the tender age of 9?

What gives?

Crowder did not provide substantive answers about what shaped his world view in the long run.
Why is he a liberal? Because the churches in his community did not condone same-sex conduct?
Does that justify economic folly like single-payer health care?

Crowder shared that  he supports a basic guaranteed income because he believes that there will not be enough jobs for all the truckers, because automation will take over.

Apparently, he has had no study in economics. It's called creative destruction, Trae. technological changes remove one industry but bring in different industries. Gainful employment will emerge in different industries--and not everyone is a trucker even in the South.

But this series of remarks about religious, particularly Christianity, were particularly false and thus offensive:

But he lays most of the blame for anti-gay hatred and anti-Muslim hatred at the feet of Jesus:

"They way they [Southerners] feel about gays and Muslims is Jesus' fault."

Let's see ...

"For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son ..." (3:16)

Wow! God is such a hateful deity, isn’t he!

Actually … no!

God is Love and God is Light.

Because He is Light, He cannot tolerate sin. Because He is Love, He provides the way for man out of sin and into His life.

His name is Jesus!

It isn't homophobia to disdain or to discourage same-sex behavior.

It's immoral. It's harmful. True hatred would be rank refusal to speak the truth to those in bondage to homosexual behavior.

The truth is not hatred, and telling the truth is a micro-aggression only for those who despise the truth.

Here's another truth, Trae: hatred resides in the hearts of all sinners.

Jesus came to save sinners, which includes ... all of us.

Paul the Apostle, the very domestic terrorist who had persecuted Christians, would later preach the Gospel with an intense fullness which no one could deny.

And he was not afraid or ashamed to announce himself as "The chief of sinners" (1 Timothy 1:15) and "the least of all saints" (Ephesians 3:8).

So, what can we conclude?

This liberal redneck is in fact an uninformed redneck.

Furthermore, his comments about the Connecticut crowd and their high-class mentalities actually show him to be quite the narrow-minded bigot himself.

And what is the foundation for it? A sense of shame about his origins. Isn't that stereotyping too?
Tolerant liberals--gotta love 'em!

I would submit that whatever he was hearing in church, he needed to understand that God's love transforms us from glory to glory.

His grace causes us to lead lives of godliness, too (Titus 2:11-14).

Interestingly enough ...

When Crowder talks about gays who lived in the South, he actually reveals how tolerant Southerners are!

What an irony, to say the least!

Not surprisingly, Crowder ignores what Islamic countries do to gays. They slaughter them, throw them off buildings, or hang them from cranes.

I also noticed that Trae ignores what Muslims do to Christians: see above, plus crucifixions, rape, as well as other forms of bloodthirsty mayhem.

The moral equivalence is false, disgusting, and shameful.

By the way, more Muslims are believing in Jesus every day. They just hear the Gospel, and receive faith in Him! More Muslims are denouncing the hateful, tyrannical political ideology of Islam, too!
All of these facts, however, are summarily dismissed by self-loathing liberals and progressives.
Instead, they embrace a mindset of anti-Christ bigotry: Demonize the Gospel, despise Western culture, mock and deride conservatives, and blame Christians for all the hatred in the world.

By the way, Trae ...

Christians who live the New Covenant life do not kill those who live in sin. They preach the word, and they allow the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin (John 16:8)

Sin kills, and believe me--there is a hell to shun. Sin is not God's fault, either.

Furthermore, no sinner on this earth can blame God for going to hell.  He has already provided a way from eternal death to eternal life through His Son!

Jesus came to save, heal, and forgive all of us who are dead in Adam, that we may be alive in Christ.
That's not hate. That's love, real love that sees man with two serious problems--sin and death.
Lets keep it simple, Crowder: Jesus is not a purveyor of hate.

But liberals who lie about Christ and Him Crucified--that is indeed hateful!

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