Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beach Cities Republicans Seek Corrections from Daily Breeze Re: Revocation of Charter

To the Daily Breeze staffers:

As President of the Beach Cities Republicans, I request the following retractions and corrections from Nick Green's article "

County GOP revokes charter of Redondo Beach Republican club led by fiery activist"

1. "The county’s GOP leadership has revoked the charter of the Redondo Beach-based Beach Cities Republican Club for attacking members of its executive committee."

We are based in Torrance, not Redondo Beach.

2. "Schaper said via email that he and one of the county’s largest and most active GOP clubs “was a victim of internal bullying.

“This purging in establishment GOP institutions is happening more often than it should,” he wrote. “I was a whistleblower for abusive behavior against me and my club, and in a petty attempt to silence or de-legitimize us, they revoked our charter — and for the most unjustified of reasons.”

I recognize that Nick Green finally received my email but it's already in print that I did not respond. Please issue a correction in the print version of the paper.

3. "Schaper also is the California director for a group called Mass Resistance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called an anti-gay hate group."

MassResistance is one word -- and the Southern Poverty Law Center smears many pro-family groups as hate groups. 

4. "In several January blog posts an unrepentent Schaper ranted against the charter revocation, calling it “treachery which undermines volunteer clubs and takes the lead to revoke charters for light and transient reasons.” You spelled "repentant" wrong.

5. “This whole charter business has turned out to be a smokescreen for well-dressed irrelevance,” Schaper wrote. “The Beach Cities Republicans has gained more numbers, fame, and influence after losing the ‘revered’ charter.”

"It’s unknown if that claim is accurate."

Why did you not bother to research this issue? Nick Green obviously visited my blog, in which I reported on their corrupt reasons for revoking the BCR Charter. Regarding the number of members who have chosen to join--why didn't you speak to our board for answers? 

And ... Mr. Green and the Daily Breeze have indeed expanded our influence and fame. Thanks!'

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