Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CA GOP Convention Spring 2017: On the Floor of the State Legislature

This part of the weekend visit to Sacramento was La pièce de résistance.

Republicans attending the convention visited and walked on the floor of the state senate and also the state assembly!

Check out this video:

Then check out this video, where I sat at State Senator Ben Allen's Desk:

It was a real treasure to photo bomb my state senator's desk.

Shame on Ben Allen for despising our rights and diminishing our liberties.

Here are some other photos:

Los Angeles for Trump:

And I also represented for California MassResistance:

I could not help myself.

I photo-bombed the creepy and corrupt State Senator Ricardo Lara's desk:

And also Kevin De Leon's desk--you know, the state senator who thinks that ID theft and fraud are acceptable because that's what an illegal alien has to do to survive in this country:

Make the California State Senate Great Again--Deport Kevin De Leon!

Then onto the State Assembly:

Here I am on the floor of the State Assembly - let's make Sacramento Great Again!

The bottom pictures are from the press box, where the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee sit.

Do they like having to sit in the back and watch everything, then write down what pleases the Democratic Party only?

Such a muzzling for our First Amendment. It's very sad, indeed.

And of course, I paid a little visit to Speaker Anthony Rendon's office!

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