Friday, February 24, 2017

The Face of Insane, Left-Wing Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome (LA Version, Part One)

The anti-Trump hate is incredible.

Los Angeles has a particularly virulent strain of anti-Trump hate.

Probably because many of them are illegal aliens or amnesty panders overcome with Western guilt.

It is particularly disturbing how Los Angeles has turned into a warmer, slightly less expensive version of San Francisco.

The unchecked, rampant liberalism is hard to control.

But it's pretty funny once you get used to it!

Check out this video of Congresswoman Judy Chu--she was really bummed about Trump's victory. Funny!

Then check out what these spoiled rich people from Palos Verdes thought:

This was really funny.

These people could not explain why they were protesting!

It was unreal. They had all these posters attacking Donald Trump, then they claimed that I was hijacking their protest.

I think the lack of logic had already hijacked it for them.

Then there was this Marxist professor who was defending communistic policies:

He didn't make any sense. Liberalism in general doesn't make any sense.

This lady attended the Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles.

She was respectfully, but terribly uninformed:

Here are more scenes from the Women's March:

The signs were vulgar and anti-feminist, if I may so bold. The flagrant vulgarity of the posters and the protesters would overcome any bad words or coarse arguments from the Trump campaign:

When I went to Claremont to protest a sanctuary city proposal, I ran into uite a few snowflakes, liberal loonies, and hilarious crazies!

Check out this elderly man and another college student:

This older man could not justify or respond to the deaths of Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

The other student was respectful enough to ask me some questions, but he misapplied key scriptures to somehow justify the flouting of our laws.

This beta male was a hoot!

He got closer and closer to me and it was very discomfiting.

He seemed to get really angry as I explained to him that I had every right to speak at the Claremont City Council meeting.


This thug took my phone! He was really triggered!

Then I called them out in front of everyone.

Others started to shout, demanding that I delete whatever I had recorded.

Not gonna h

Here are my comments to the Claremont City Council:

Here, an adult child went crazy when I asked him to explain why President Trump is a liar:

He was really upset about being recorded. Why do these liberals hate going on record?

What is their problem?! Maybe because they start to realize that they believe complete nonsense.

Then came this follow up from a couple more slacker college kids:

This guy was a full-core Bernie maniac.

He was willing to answer my questions, and I was ready to answer his.

The younger man above was calmer than most.

January 29, 2017 at LAX.

This old crone was HILARIOUS!

You want to see what anti-Trump, left-wing insanity looks like?

This old lady --she called me a nazi, racist, and stupid. But every time I asked her, she would stop and stutter.

She was something else!

After pummeling her with questions, and exposing her embittered ignorance, she shut up!

The video above is a great place to stop and let you have fun with what the terribly misinformed--and racist--anti-Trump protesters look like and how they "think."

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