Thursday, February 23, 2017

RPLAC MIA--No Endorsement for March 7, 2017 Races?!

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has not listed any endorsements for Republicans in local areas.

What is going on?

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party has listed numerous endorsements for city councils, school boards, and local  measures.

What is the matter with this rudderless Central Committee? They threw a big party for themselves after raising $500,000 last year (actually, all wealthy welfare from Charles Munger Jr.).

So, what is going on?

Don't believe  me?

Check out the page for yourself.

Here is the link.

Here is a snapshot of the page:

They have the County Measures and LA City measures.

That's it?

Craig Huey has listed more resources and guidance for many local issues -- many more than the County!

To find that information, click here.

One has to wonder ...

What exactly does RPLAC do with all the money they claim to hvae raised? They don't seem to be doing very much, that's for sure!

Compare the anemic endorsement list (which includes "No position" for three measures) with the LA County Democratic Party list of endorsements. Click here.

This should be the new emblem for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County:

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