Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Media Fail: Hal Eisner Missed it On the Cudahy City Council Meeting

Hal Eisner of Fox News 11 reached out to Los Angeles for Trump after Chris Garcia called us "White Supremacists" then stormed out of the city council chambers.

For the record, Cudahy Chris has engaged in that abusive behavior in the past.

Eisner reached out to my good friend Harim Uzziel to get information on what happened at the city council meeting:

Here is the final report from Eisner:

(FOX 11) - Sitting at the Monday night meeting, Councilman Chris Garcia exclaimed, “I think it is completely and utterly shameful that Jack Guerrero continues to bring white supremacist groups to the City of Cudahy."

Eisner's Media Fail

Garcia is one of nine candidates running in a packed race to stay in city leadership. When Garcia said it was shameful “...that Jack Guerrero continues to bring white supremacist groups to the City of Cudahy," there were boos.

Guerrero was livid telling FOX 11 News the day after the meeting, "I’m outraged. I’m very outraged. I’m personally offended.”

Guerrero says he had nothing to do with those at the meeting that were there to protest Cudahy’s sanctuary status. He says he abstained when the issue came up. He says being a sanctuary city is like putting a sign in front of city hall that Cudahy is a city of illegal immigrants.

Harim Uziel was one of 20 or so who showed up to protest. He told FOX 11 News that 18 were not from the area, but came in to cite their concerns. He said he's not a white supremacist and was offended by the comment from Garcia.

They have a right to do that. I was one of those 18 people.

Garcia issued a statement saying he used the "supremacist" reference because he saw people doing the Hitler-salute before, during and after the meeting.

That's a total lie. No one was saluting in such a fashion.

Instead of an on-camera interview, Garcia posted a statement on Facebook.

Guerrero did provide an on-camera interview.

It read that the city "was set to move forth on reaffirming its commitment to the values of dignity, inclusivity, compassion and respect for all individuals regardless of their immigration status and establishing safe zones for residents who are in fear of deportation when the meeting was hijacked by a group of individuals espousing xenophobic and racists beliefs, including the alt-right who were displaying a 'Heil Donald Trump’ salute.”

Heil Donald Trump? What the heck is that?

"Although I respect the public’s right to protest, I also respect the right for local government to act on behalf of its residents and pass laws that protects its constituents regardless of current immigration status,” Garcia said.

That's is another lie.

It is a further fraud that those of us who protest the sanctuary city were disrupting the meeting.

Other residents and the rest of us have every to slam and criticizing rebellious and corrupt councilmembers.

I ended up calling Hal Eisner.

I slammed him for not reporting the key angle that mattered--most of the people in that group of 18 are not even white!

Yet Eisner made nothing but excuses. He gave me attitude and made the faulty claim that people are not white can still have a white supremacist mentality.

I could not believe he had something like that!

When I confronted him on that point, he rightfully took it back. 

Yet he revealed something from this mindset, like preconceived notions.

Then Eisner went on to talk about people who have extremist views, etc.

But reporting the news is not about getting different sides.

It's about reporting the truth -- it's about reporting what happened.

And Eisner didn't do that.

And what happened in Cudahy -- Chris Garcia falsely slandered a group of people by claiming that they were "white supremacists."

And they are not.

Why didn't Eisner want to report this? Is it because he hates Trump and Trump supporters? He is more interested in allowing a slanted view of them?

Eisner affirmed to me that he had watched the video. Surely he would have realized that the people in the video were predominantly of Hispanic or diverse descent.

He should have looked at this video that I recorded:

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  1. I watched this live! Not one person was disrespectful, just passionate! Garcia had NO interest in what these people were saying! HE is the racist! To treat your community this way is an OUTRAGE!