Friday, February 24, 2017

Del Aire, CA--Housing Prices Through the Roof!

I was walking around in the Del Air Section of Los Angeles County.

It's an unincorporated region, with no direct city council or mayor to represent the citizens.

The property values in the area are bursting through the roof!

Housing prices are out of control in the South Bay--all over.

It's incredible!

I saw a fixer-upper on 119th Street.

The real estate agent is offering the home for ... guess!


How about $500,000?


The asking price is $699,000!

For a fixer-upper cradled in the Southwestern region of Los Angeles County, between Hawthorne California and Los Angeles.

LAX airport is just north of the area, with the LA County Metro train.

I would imagine such transportation elements would discourage prospective buyers.

But the housing market is only getting hotter.

Housing prices have skyrocketed in large measure because the Wiseburn School District is now unified! This little district has the highest test scores for kids of all ethnic backgrounds. They are now expanding enrollment with new high schools in the East El Segundo corridor, too.

Isn't this incredible?

But it's also disturbing, and speaks to the difficulty young people face to purchase a home.

Friends of mine who have lived in the South Bay for decades are now inferring their title to their children, since it's the only way for working families to help their children own a home.

For the price listed above, a buyer could purchase 3 homes in Texas!

A mansion costs around $500,000 in the Lone Star State, too.

What is happening in this state?!

No one can afford to live here anymore.

The rent was raised on my home, too!

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