Wednesday, February 8, 2017

US Senator Jeff Sessions For Attorney General: DRAFTED!

This is an incredible day indeed!

US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) has been confirmed as our next Attorney General.

His hard-line stance on immigration is an absolute necessity for this country, Much of the lawlessness invading the country is connected to illegal immigration, visa overstays, and the refugee element bringing in domestic terrorism.

It's time for all of us to take a strong stance against this evil, destructive anarchy, made worse by Barack Obama.

Two years ago, I started a Facebook page called "Jeff Sessions for Majority Leader", because I wanted him to lead the charge against illegal immigration and stand strong against the Obama Administration and their wayward, corrupt policies of pandering to illegal aliens and enacted executive fiat amnesty.

With Trump as our President, a vindication for American workers and all patriots in this country, someone needed to head up the Attorney General's office.

Trump's pick? Senator Jeff Sessions!

Who could complain with this wise nomination?

Straightaway I changed the title of my page to:

The responses I got for this page were incredible!

Check out the list of comments and private messages I received:

I wish I could tell President Trump about Judge Roy Moore. Would you do that for me? He believes in the rule of law. He would be good on the Supreme Court.

Please let me know if you will do this. I will be glad when you become attorney general.

I am so excited that President Trump is nominating conservatives to surround him.


You will be the general attorney, we need someone like you Mr jeff sessions..

Mr attorney General you are very aggressive what a brave  behavior I love it. I live in San Diego. Clairemont mesa.


I'm so proud and excited for this new administration. I'm praying for you all.


This person was furious because of illegal alien abuse of the welfare state:

I & my husband work with Shriners hospitals for children. This means if a child has a clef palette, or something that Shrine hospital can fix at no charge to the patient. We do charge their insurance if they have it. Now this leads me to where I'm going, I'm also a property rental manager. I have tenants who are illegally here, they have babies who qualify for help with Shrine hospital, but guess what. They refused to get the help because they get paid SSI from our government for their babies rather than getting them fixed.  I was furious on two levels: 1) that they get our money. 2) when I talked to our representatives they couldn't deport anyone here illegally.

I can also tell you the illegals send up to $1999. Back to Mexico at a time on a red phone anything higher they have to have a S.S #. My friend has one of the stores in Weiser ID.
When I worked for WICAP a government program energy assistance they change the SS# or use the youngest child # so they look legit.  I got in trouble many times for not doing it & finally got another job. I stand for our President all the way.

Good luck sir. One thing I can tell both of you with government Watch your back.
I am a woman & I saw a whole office of women threaten a male who retired from the government with harassment. Be careful Sir! These people don't play fair. CYA


Today, during and after Attorney General Sessions' confirmation, I received the following messages:

Senator Jeff Sessions,

Please hang in there.  We are praying for you.  We are sorry that you are having to go through such muck with those trying to destroy your character.  You are in our prayers.  We stay in our row, pray, & plow!


Proud of you brother! Thank you so much for representing real American. Hard-working, God fearing, don't care what color you are what religion you are. Just do the right thing! Love your brother, work hard, make life better for those around you!


GOD bless America, thank you & Congratulations.


Dear Mr. Sessions.. congratulations on your appointment. I have only one request. Please do not make medical marijuana illegal. I am a biotech professional and have seen the lives CBD has saved!!
Please understand.. medicinal marijuana does NOT contain the THC content of recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is a miracle drug.. and not harmful. Please do not take this away from the people. 


Congratulations on your confirmation.   Just little Ole me from Andalusia wishing you all the best.  God bless you


Congratulations to senator Sessions I know he will be a fine AG,


It's been quite the journey, and it's only getting better!

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