Friday, February 3, 2017

RINO-PLAC Has Revoked Other Charters, Too? (RINOS!)

RINO-PLAC is falling apart.

The "Republicans" in Los Angeles County are more interested in shutting down other Republicans rather than registering more Republicans are taking over the state of California.

That is just sad!

They have a rogue history of threatening the charters of other Republican clubs, not just the Beach Cities Republicans.

I spoke with one group in Eastern Los Angeles County over the last three months.

They faced rogue threats, then took their game somewhere else.

Then I received this tweet:

No wonder Republicans keep losing or face more hardships than they should.

What kind of leadership just arbitrary pulls the charter and tries to shut down clubs which are trying to engage the base, expand the brand, and enlarge their influence?


Beach Cities Republicans will not be deterred. We are riding the waves of discontent and hanging ten to win!

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  1. Sad, why is it that some Republicans work so hard to place and keep Democrats in complete control of this State.