Friday, February 10, 2017

Hope: Millennial Blasts LGBT (Whatever) Agenda Targeting Kids

This post has taken me a little longer than I had expected.

So much has been going on in the last three weeks, it's hard to keep up with all the winning.

Hunter Avallone came onto the scene for me about two months ago.

He is a conservative millennial not afraid to dress down his squishy peers whose feelings get hurt and want to go after everyone and everything Republican, conservative, or pro-Trump.

I had my concerns about the younger voters in this country.

So many of them end up in college, and become brain-dead liberals with nothing to offer this country.

Many of them are being indoctrinated to hate this country and our values, while caving to political correctness, multiculturalism, and regressive leftist ideologies.

The latest video from Hunter Avallone takes down an offensive and deeply disturbing "kids" video from an unkempt lesbian.

She is basically teaching the kindergarten and pre-school set that the LGBT identity cause (crisis) is A-OK, and just like eating apples and oranges, and reciting the alphabet.

The video is called "QUEER Kids Stuff."

Creepy" is more accurate. I would also add "criminal".

Teaching kids that homosexuality is OK, and that liking "boys and girls" is cool will only teach kids to further question their identities-- and hurt their bodies.

This is 1984-style imposition of lies on a grand scale.

And Hunter slams it like a boss!

Of course, there are other videos of men and women slamming this icky, creepy YouTube channel.

What makes Hunter's channel and video stand out?

1. He's a Millennial (or Generation Z  post-Millennial?)

These videos and others put to death the lie that for conservatives and Republican politicos to make a difference and win office again, they have to pander on gay marriage, the LBGT agenda, etc.

I have often believed that if we simply tell people the truth--old and young--they will recognize that this aggressive LGBT ideology is a house of cards ready to topple, just like the Soviet Union did in 1989.

Political parties cannot expect to last long if they pander and peddle falsehoods.

Entire civilizations have died out after drifting away from the most stable and necessary unity of any society: the family and the clear biological gender distinctions which every person displays.

2. It's an upbeat as well as politically incorrect message that is not afraid to tell it like it is. Hunter doesn't even hold back on calling the "woman?" instructor in the video a "dyke."

The Human Rights Campaign and other left-wing groups have targeted this tech-savvy Millennial has a hatemonger, too! INCREDIBLE!

Since when would anyone say such a term without fearing the wrath of a college administrator or the thought police?

3. He lives in deep-blue Maryland. Granted, the Old Line State has a Republican Governor (Go Larry!) Most conservatives and Republicans are convinced that there is no point getting involved or invested in blue states like Maryland, or at least doing so based on the same platform of the national GOP.

Videos like this and the growing counter-cultural temperament of youth would suggest that Republicans embrace their pro-life and pro-family values without fear.

Final Reflection

I may be jumping to some conclusions on the issues and inferences I have reached, but I think that the growing movement of young people, fed up with regressive leftist, statist abuse shoved in their faces, will ensure that our values are not just right, but will succeed at the local and state level across the country again.

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