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I Accept Seiler's Advice for CAGOP: Audacity All the Way!

I don't often read articles on the Fox and Hounds website.

There's so little time, but at least FlashReport reminds me that I can find good articles on that site.

Then I found this article:

Finally, someone is reading my mind, sharing my sentiments.

The California Republican Party has continually chosen accommodation instead of confrontation. There is not enough fight in Sacramento, and Republicans are not grabbing enough of the headlines. While the rest of the RNC conference has learned to overcome the media and play offense--just as Donald Trump did--California Republicans are still playing defense, trying to look good in the eyes of the press.

Consider this dual interview on ABC 7 between CAGOP Treasurer Mario Guerra and LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis. Click here.

I have a lot of respect for Mario Guerra. He stands strong for family values. He is very attentive to the state measures hurting the working class.

But when he shared a dais with Hilda Solis, he spent a lot of time talking about finding common ground. He did not mention the millions of dollars that Solis and her colleagues are wasting to protect illegal aliens instead of fighting for California's citizens.

There were plenty of changes for Guerra to slam and shame Solis' failing policies.

And we are not seeing enough of this fight.

On the other hand, state assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Menifee) excoriated her colleagues for their anti-Trump resolutions from December.

She has just introduced legislation to turn California into a Second Amendment "shall issue" state. What a great policy, even if the bill has no change of passing (or does it?).

Did anyone see what happened to state senator Janet Nguyen on the floor of the State Senate this past week?

Here's a video clip:

I am so proud of Senator Nguyen having the courage to speak out against the atrocities of the Vietnam War. She also criticized the late Senator Tom Hayden for his opposition to the Vietnam war, which lead to the deaths of many more Vietnamese.

Hayden was a raging, anti-American leftist. More people should be criticizing that men and spare not venting.

This is the kind of audacity we need to see more from our California Republican representatives.

I also appreciated Assemblyman Gallagher's vocal opposition to anti-First Amendment Attorney General Xavier Becerra:

How about Assemblyman Travis Allen's boldness to shame State Senator Holly Mitchell's misguided law which has decriminalized child prostitution? Let's state the facts plainly--this legislation has essentially legalized the ongoing exploitation of children on California's streets.

More Californian's should embrace and champion State Senator Joel Anderson's drive to end sanctuary cities. This initiative should have happened last year, but I say better late than never.

This is the kind of audacity I want to see in Sacramento.

It was both astonishing are sections of John Seiler's article about Audacity!

If Donald Trump’s victory has taught Republicans across the land anything, it’s to follow Danton’s cry to the Assembly (the French one, not the one in Sacramento): Audacity! Audacity! Always Audacity!

Donald Trump did not shy away from conflict and controversy. That's wrong. Californians need to stop being afraid of the press or the hatred of the libreal media. They are going to denounce conservatives, anyway, so why should we care? Besides, Trump has trounced the media so savagely, that no one listens to them or believes what they say anymore.

The Bush-Dole-Bush-McCain-Romney sellouts on so many issues, of blending with the Democrats’ socialism, is over. California’s version is the Pete Wilson-Arnold Schwarzenegger-Meg Whitman sellouts, which wimpified the party in this state. That’s why Republicans keep losing.

That's a great way to put it: the wimpification of the CAGOP. Republicans in Sacramento act like weak beta males who don't take the first step

Wilson, actually, is the exception that proves the rule. After winning the governorship in 1990, he wimped out and joined Democrats in raising taxes a then-record $7 billion. More taxes came in 1993. Down and seemingly out for his re-election in 1994, he grasped the Proposition 187 limitation in immigration and beat Kathleen Brown.

After reviewing Wilson's record, it was pretty substantive how much he caved and accommodated the Democratic agenda in Sacramento. I have noticed that other Republican governors stressed trying to work together with the legislature rather than focusing on long-term conservative solutions and refusing to back down from that agenda.

Wilson needed Prop 187 for his re-election bid. That initiative passed by 59% in "liberal" California.

Forget the media narrative which tells Republicans that they alienated Hispanic voters with this law. Hello! Republicans used the law to prop up their election bids, but nothing more. When the arrogant, unconstitutional federal judge struck down the initiative, they GOP wimped out. They should have fought harder or pressed for impeachment and removal of that arrogant judge!

Seiler then reminds readers that Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration, and pressed on his UFW members to report illegals to ICE

When will Republicans start celebrating Chavez? Can anyone imagine the shockwaves that would break out throughout Sacramento and the state of California if Republicans began championing this labor leader? Then they could add to their praise for Chavez: "I support this farmer worker because he supported secure borders and opposed illegal immigration."


Notice how Seiler stresses that California Republicans should work with Trump, not against him.

Here's another issue that Republicans can champion, that has been all but ignored by the major parties: housing.

Elephant Decal (Credit: Ebay)

Republicans should embrace the old middle-class ideal of affordable housing – not through government subsidies, but through ending zoning restrictions.

WOW! What a concept. The problem is that the Republicans are not actively fighting for this need.

Seiler then listed other wining issues for California Republicans:
  1. Cut taxes massively
  2. Cut bureaucracy and waste
  3. Redo unfair trade deals
  4. Rebuild the infrastructure 
  5. Reform welfare,
  6. End “environmental” restrictions
  7. Bring back good manufacturing jobs

A theme of standing out, fighting back, and making a difference stands out. With Republicans back to a super-minority status, the temptation is great to slink back and play nice, or give up entirely

Not me, and I hope that California Republican elected officials step out of their shell and fight back.

Even if Republicans lose, they can go down with all flags flying. What do we have to lose?

And I submit that we have a great deal to gain!

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