Wednesday, February 15, 2017

¡Basta, Huntington Park! ¡Afuera Karina Marcias! ¡Afuera Efren Martinez!

I read the news today, and Oh Boy .... I loved what I found.

Former Huntington Park, CA mayor is hot water already, and it just got hotter!

The Los Angeles Times reports that after viewing conflict of interest concerns in Huntington Park between Karina la Korrupta and her consultant contacts, who in turn are donating money to her or Efren Martinez' campaign!

Well, well, well!

Shame on Karina!

Shame, shame on Martinez!

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is looking into a Huntington Park councilwoman’s role as a political consultant in which she raised money from companies that sought to do business with the city, a spokeswoman for the D.A. said this week.

We the People Rising have been hammering the LA County DA's Office for violating our First Amendment rights.

The DA is well-aware of the corruption going on in this city already.

The inquiry by the district attorney’s public integrity division follows a Times article published Sunday detailing how Councilwoman Karina Macias raised money for a state Assembly campaign by parlaying her connections throughout the community.

Some of the contributors were linked to companies that were awarded contracts by Macias and the council majority, including the city’s bus service and dial-a-ride operator, its street sweeping and bus stop maintenance vendor and a towing company.

That's right, and they are charging the working people of Huntington Park higher fees, too!

And the contracts cost more than the other contracts up for bid.

Who is connected to all this crap and corruption?

Why, the Eminence Grise, Felon Mario Beltran, the compa of John Noguez!

"This is my good side!"

Macias said she raised about $25,000 for Efren Martinez’s 2016 race for state assembly. She was paid nearly $6,800 in commission for her efforts, according to her financial disclosures. The commission was based on a percentage of the contributions she raised, she said.

Efren is running for State Assembly ... again? He ran in 2012, then he wanted to run 2016.

And he's running against in 2020?

We have a word for this kind of rampant fundraising: money laundering!

Let's Make a Deal!

“We are reviewing the matter,” district attorney spokeswoman Shiara Davila-Morales wrote in an email to the Times.

Government watchdogs said Macias’ fundraising business created at least the appearance of a conflict of interest.


“The question is are these people really giving to the candidate or are they giving to her?” said Bob Stern, co-author of the 1974 Political Reform Act, one of the state laws that cover conflicts of interest.


Macias said she couldn’t recall all the donors from whom she raised money. When asked for an example of a contribution from somebody who was not associated with a city contractor, Macias couldn’t come up with one.

Sure she couldn't! SURE!

Macias and Martinez did not return calls for comment Tuesday.

Here's Macias' number: (323) 947-6898

The Times has also learned that the council appointed Martinez to the planning commission while Macias was fundraising for his campaign committees. The commission pays a $75 monthly stipend, according to the city clerk.


Guess what, LA Times -- We the People Rising knew all about this from Day One!

The revelations about Macias’ fundraising have figured into the March City Council elections. Macias is running for reelection, and her political opponents have called on labor groups and some elected officials to “reconsider” their endorsements of the councilwoman.

Heck ya!


When will comunity leaders and activists realize that these corrupt elected officials never cared about solving the immigration problem?

They only reason the four Corruptos n the city council appointed the two illegal aliens was to ... cover up their corrupt misdeeds.

They are in violation of federal law, not just on immigration, but also for fraud and bribery.

We know where they are headed, now, don't we?

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