Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Los Corruptos De Cudahy: The Real Face of Racism

The country at large needs to see the La Raza hordes which have been bred in our public schools and universities.

Young men and women are being taught to hate the United States, to disparage and discriminate Americans with different skin color.

They are also learned hateful lies like "The United States stole Mexican land" during the Mexican-American War.

Check out the blatant communist undertones, and their full hatred of the rule of law:

Listen to them call Omar Navarro, First Vice President of the Beach Cities Republicans, a "coconut."


They embrace violence. These are fascist thugs, and they cover their faces?

What are they hiding? What are they ashamed of?

Check out more hateful remarks. This one arrogant protester said to me "Go back to Europe".

Wow! Can you say "Racist"?

Then this young man gave a "Revisionist, La Raza" version of American History.

He called the Pilgrims and other European settlers "wet backs".

He also claimed that the American Southwest

He also claimed that English originated in "Northwest Germany".

English formed in  ... Angle-land, now known as England.

This man then claimed that the American Revolution was about tax evasion.

Nope--it was about fighting against taxation WITHOUT representation.

Is this really complicated?

I confronted the young man during the 5 minute recess to explain why he called me and other Americans "Wetbacks".

He refused to answer my questions. He wanted to push hate, but refused to face truth.

Here's the video:

This is the racism that is becoming rampant in "sanctuary cities".

It's time for the world at large, especially American citizens, to recognize that this country not only dodged a bullet with Trump's election, but dodged a squad of suicide bombers.

The saddest display of racism, however, came out of the mouth of an indoctrinated 12-year old boy:

I had written "white supremacist" but the kid said "white supremacy."

He was uneducated about what he was even saying.

This is terrible--and the American citizenry need to wake up and demand enforcement of our immigration laws.

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