Saturday, February 11, 2017

Senator Ricardo Lara Blames Obama for No Immigration "Reform"

The first two years of his Presidency, Barack Obama had a Democratic Congress with a higher majority than the Republicans have now. The Democratic Party held a supermajority in the United States Senate.

Obama could have gotten immigration "reform" done then.

But he did nothing about immigration.

Instead, he pushed Cap and Trade, which barely passed the House of Representatives, then died in the United States Senate.

Then came Obamacare, which once again barely passe the house of Representatives. Democrats voted against it, and not one Republican voted for the final bill.

What a disastrous Presidency for Barack Obama.

Now, 8 years later, after claiming to champion Barack Obama and his vastly progressive--really regressive--policies, Lara is suddenly having a change of heart.

He blames Barack Obama for not passing immigration "reform" when he had the chance.

My question:

When will these Latino Democrats realize that the National Democratic Party never had an interest in immigration "reform"?

Do they really think that the Democratic representatives throughout the Rust Belt were going to risk their cushy political careers advancing an agenda which would put more working Americans ... out of work?

There has been a national groundswell of outrageous trhoughoutt  his coutnry against illegal immigration for decades. Americans want this country to be for ... Americans. This is not a  h\ard concept.

Ricardo Lara stepped into a landmine with delayed detonation when he was pushing this program of open borders and blanket amnesty. Now that Donald Trump is President, the landmine has gone off--and there is nothing that they can do about it.

The national Democratic Party has never cared about fixing the immigration system in our country The truth is that the system is not even broken.

It's not enforced!

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