Saturday, February 4, 2017

RINO-PLAC GOP of Los Angeles County Double Standards

You have to see it to believe it.

Christopher Castillo, former Republican Congressional candidate and wannabe La Raza activist, endorsed a score of Democrats, especially in races where a Republican was running:

Then it just gets just plain stupid:

Where was the denunciation against these traitors?

Castillo is an advocate for the Republican Hispanic Assembly in the state of California.

Then nothing was done about them!


Chris ... endorse whomever you want!
Arthur, though, we're taking his charter!

I do whatever Charles Munger
Tells me to ....

Gary SCAM-in-off
By the way ...

Aminoff pressured me earlier last year to allow Castillo to speak at the Beach Cities Republicans, even though Castillo was a liberal GOP and was by then colluding with the corrupt John Paul Tabakian.

What is the matter with these people? Don't they want to Make California Great Again?

The county "leadership" supports allowing liberal "progressive" Republicans to support Democrats, including a representative for the National Hispanic Republican Assembly ... but pulled the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans for allowing a Libertarian candidate to speak at the club.

Double Standard!

Let's face the truth. They didn't like our clubs activism. They did not like that we were producing results and stirring up controversy. The truth is it's time for conservatives to double down and stand their ground on principle, rather than caving to the culture.

Anyone who is too cowardly to fight, needs to step down and go away.


  1. Arthur, you must be an idiot if you want to make me your enemy.

    1. Gary! You are no one. No one cares about you. You don't have any power. You have not pull. You are a waste to the party.