Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rep Karen Bass Postpones Emergency Immigration Meeting--Why?

I was so looking forward to attending the Karen Bass town hall about immigration ...

We the People Rising were really excited about bringing men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds opposing illegal immigration.

In light of the latest presidential executive order on immigration and the Department of Homeland Security memos issued yesterday, I am postponing the townhall planned for this evening.   I want to offer accurate, reliable information to constituents and their loved ones who may be affected. Doing so requires that we take a step back to analyze this latest action, even if it may cause some inconvenience.

Sure she did.

The truth is ... Bass knew that Trump supporters were coming, and they were not about to be intimidated.

Bass probably also knows that her advocacy for illegal immigration is not popular with the black communities in her district.

Perhaps she needs to rethink her support for sanctuary cities, DACA, DAPA, and other perverse programs.

As the legal and political landscape on immigration shifts rapidly, I am dedicated to serving all of those living in my district.  I hope that you will stay in touch with me and my staff so that I can let you know as soon as we have assessed the new orders and have a plan for this event. 

The only reason they are shifting, Karen, is that you are not going to get away with flouting and disregarding our federal laws!

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