Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Travels from Boarding Flights

I have so much more to report about what happened on January 29, when the thousands of Trump Derangement Social Justice Warriors overwhelmed LAX.

Did anyone think about how those protests would affect the adults traveling through the airport that evening?

Of course not!

From the Los Angeles Times:

Thousands protest at LAX against Trump travel ban

Demonstrators shut down traffic in front of the Tom Bradley International Terminal and faced off with police in riot gear, chanting, “Let them in!” and “Love, not hate, makes America great.” After protesters marched around the airport, disrupting traffic, police confined the crowd to the area in front of the Bradley terminal.

Who exactly do they intend the airport to let anyone in if they are blocking traffic and prevent employees and passangers from getting by from Point A to Point B?

Then dozens of protesters sat down, blocking the airport's busy thoroughfare — World Way — and refused to leave until all detainees are released. Two lines of airport police officers with helmets and batons stood nearby.

There it is, people, right from the pen and keyboards of the Los Angeles Times: "Blocking the airports busy thoroughfare ..."

Los Angeles Airport Police Chief David Maggard said there have been no arrests during Sunday's protests and that police had no plans to order the crowd  to disperse. He said traffic was rerouted to the airport's departure level, one story above street level.

Whatever happened to mass arrests? Whatever happened to issuing citations? Anything else? Lawlessness has engulfed Los Angeles. Unbelievable. No wonder the state of California is in such dire straits as we speak.

But a short time later hundreds of protesters marched to the elevated roadway that circles the airport and proceeded to block traffic. Dozens of demonstrators sat in a crosswalk chanting "let them go" in a bath of headlights.

Motorist Rebekah Bergeron, 22, was sitting at the head of a line of cars blocked by the protesters. Though she said she didn't object to their demonstration, she also wanted to get home to Arizona.

Wow! What happens when your intended goals work out, and you end up missing your responsibilities in daily life! Funny!

"I have no problem if they want to protest this, but I just missed my flight," she said. "I just watched it take off."

OUCH! There is a price to left-wing lunacy, isn't there? I believe that Mrs. Bergeron was polite, but likely she was screaming epithets in her head.

Protesters have completely blocked the inner roadway on the lower level of the Bradley terminal, and smaller crowds have also popped up on the opposite side of the street as well as the adjacent parking structure and the roadway connecting the deck to the departure level.

Final Reflection




All I can say is ... the lunacy of the California Left will ensure that President Trump stays in office and continues to Make America Again.

This juvenile behavior has become preeminentaly destructive

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