Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Incredible Shrinking Los Angeles Times: What I Learned from the Reporter Reporting on Me

So, I imagine everyone who cares has read the front page article about me and the Beach Cities Republicans in the Los Angeles Times.

Here's the front page from this past weekend, in case you missed it:

This one statement stands out for the powerful point I have made about the media and the power of the individual citizenry:

“Because of his lead on attacking and diminishing establishment media, it’s encouraged more of us to come out,” Schaper said of Trump. “The media narrative isn’t going to be dominant. We get to be the media now.”

Hailey Branson-Potts

Now let me tell you what I learned about the Los Angeles Times during my interviews with Hailey Branson:

1. The newsroom has been diminished so much, that reporters for different assignments are working together in the same room. Hailey's husband also works for the Los Angeles Times, and the work within close proximity of each other.

2. Hailey was following a court room case, then she was assigned to breaking news, along with the extended report about me. Fewer reporters must now stretch themselves thinner and thinner to cover enough stories for the paper. Where has all the staff gone?


3. Following any visit to the latimes.com visit, a reader can find ads begging readers to donate to ensure "quality journalism" will still be available. 

They need to put quotation remarks around quality


Journalists for any media site must recognize that they are open to full scrutiny as much as the subjects which they cover.

By the way, here are two recordings of her interview with me--notice that she did not use any of the information that I shared with her during this 2.5 hour interview (sadly, my camera phone only caught 40 minutes of it. Sorry!)


I will be commenting on the accuracy of the LA Times article next.

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  1. Wait are you saying your news is better than LA Times you are high!