Tuesday, June 6, 2017

BREAKING: Another Member Quit the 66th AD Central Committee

Remember when I reported that two more people were thinking about quitting the abortive, corrupted 66th AD Central Committee?

Guess who is no longer on the South Bay "Republicans website"?

Joseph Ungoco:

He's a realtor and a social media professional.

He was serving as Janice Webb's alternate for the Central Committee.

Webb can't seem to keep the members of her Central Committee to stay!

I wonder why ...

"My central committee is melting ... melting!
Andy Gharakani won't be happy with me!"

Before Manhattan Beach, he lived in New York, where he had assisted a candidate for NYC City Council. That candidate lost, but eventually won an assembly seat to the New York state legislature.

He styles himself as a moderate Republican, and NRA member. He is also openly gay, an open member of the Log Cabin "Republicans".

When I first spoke with him, he told me that part of the reason he moved to Manhattan Beach was the swift professionalism of the city staff. Good enough for me.

He ran for Manhattan Beach City Council this year. He did very poorly. Some of the residents of the city even encouraged him to "wait his turn."

I have to admit: living in a city for two years does not give voters a real sense that you will do what is best for the city. Two years? Some cities even have residency requirements for longer than that.

Final Reflection:

Janice Webb has been an abortive for the South Bay Republican Party movement.

Instead of doing what is right for the state and the party in the region, she undermined the largest volunteer organization in Los Angeles County, then had the charter revoked.

What's even funnier, however, is that one of the ex-officio members, Omar Navarro, has been blocked by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County Twitter account! Talk about dysfunction and upheaval.

And now three members have quit in the last three months!

Heckuva job there, Janice!

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