Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SB 96: The "Stifle Recall" Bill? The "Save Josh Newman" Bill?

State Senator Joel Anderson is launching the latest campaign against another bad bill in Sacramento.

Or is it?

Check out his eblast:


Dear Friends,
Some of my colleagues are trying to steal your voice by changing the recall election rules with Senate Bill 96.
If passed, this measure would put new obstacles in the way of qualifying a recall election for the ballot and make it hard for you to recall any legislator you believe to be unethical, corrupt or incompetent.
I believe that when Senators believe keeping power is more important than serving people, that breeds corruption. Here’s my floor speech on yesterday regarding the effort to game the system to protect those that are currently in power: https://youtu.be/sRDSX_phl7s

I need your help. The vote for SB 96 is on Thursday. Will you call your legislators and tell them not to steal your voice?
As always, it’s an honor to serve you.
Joel Anderson

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In case you missed it
Website:  www.sen.ca.gov

I looked over one part of this legislation--at least what I received from reports.

Recalls are a part of the political process

This bill, if passed into law, would allow signatories to recall an elected official--to remove their signatures more easily if they changed their minds.

One source has told me that this move is not about the Josh Newman Recall, but actually it's about saving Democrats who will face massive recalls from the Nurses Union when the Democratic state assembly reps vote down the signle-payer bill SB 562.

Get out the popcorn, folks -- politics in the State of California is about to get a whole lot rougher!

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