Friday, June 2, 2017

Open-Borders Barragan Shuts Down Town Hall After Shutting out Trump Supporters

Congresswoman Nanette Barragan (D-San Pedro, South Gate) hosted her second town hall in Carson. I was planning on attending her first town hall in Compton, but time and resources did not make it possible.

The second town hall was hosted at Stephen White Middle School in Carson.

Here's the entire video:

Rep. Barragan is developing a reputation for fighting the Trump presidency every step of the way.

Check out the video she produced attacking President Trump:

Notice how she refers to illegal aliens as "immigrants".

Such disregard for facts and history is shameful and slanderous.


Then she referred to his campaign with "disgust":

What's worse, she told the Secretary of Homeland Security to stop enforcing immigration laws in California. Already she is undermining her oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution. She also hosted a town hall/immigration forum to teach illegal aliens how to avoid capture and deportation. Unreal.

She also claimed that lots of people in California speak Spanish. That's not true. In fact, such remarks are discriminatory and offensive. Even disgusting, and reckless!

When we attended the town hall, We the Poeple Rising, LA County for Trump, the Red Elephants, we found the well of the auditorium was lightly attended.

I saw former Mayor and former City Clerk Jim Dear, the new Mayor Alberto Robles. Other current and former city council members.

She was late, too! Talk about rude.

She engaged in a lot of dilatory tactics throughout the initial part of her town hall, located in the main auditorium on campus.

Within five minutes of the event starting, Barragan was troubled. Why? Because she saw a sea of these flyers:

Raul Rodriguez of We the People Rising asked Barragan twice to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Twice she refused. So we did it on our own!

When she first mentioned President Trump, we all cheered.

We then started shouting at Barragan for her routinely disrespectful and fraudulent remarks about Trump. "You better respect our President!" San Pedro constituent Dean Cilva shouted out.

Other members, many of whom were Democratic supporters of Barragan, were angry and frustrated.

It's a funny thing, though--Democrats and left-wing SJWs have been invading Republican town halls and taking over, but when Republicans and Trump supporters voice concerted outrage at liberal lawmakers undermining their oaths of office, they get angry.

Such hypocrisy!

For the next hour, members of the audienced on both sides wanted uiet. I was willing to work with some of the audience, but Barragan lied about Trump's proposed budget.

Members of our team were furious that she would host a town hall for illegal aliens in Wilmington, CA--and she hosted that treasonous meeting in the church where I was baptized!

Constituents in her district refused to be silent, and those of who support Trump are getting tired of the lies about the President, as well as the chronic promotion of illegal immigration at the expense of law-abiding citizens. "Respect our President! Respect our President!"

When it became clear that Barragan was not going to quell our upset, she opted to move the town hall to another venue on campus. The rest of us followed her.

When we came to the door, we found two sheriff's deputies standing in the way preventing us from entering.


It's a town hall, Nanette! What? You can't handle men and women who disagree with your offensive, anti-American, unconstitutional views?!

One member of the team made it into the meeting, and he opened the fire doors on the side. I was able to enter the meeting, but within two seconds the sheriff's deputies told me to leave. I refused.

For the next 20 minutes, people outside of the town hall began shouting "Let Us In!" One person pounded the door at the front of the auditorium, demanding the right to enter and push our petition for a redress of grievances.

What do you think of that? Barragan does not support the border wall, but has no problem with blocking constituents from entering her own town hall? More hypocrisy!

Finally, the Congresswoman could not overcome the commotion she instigated by condemning and dishonoring President Trump:

Here are a few scenes which followed after Barragan shut down her meeting:

and here:

Conservatives in the state of California will not settle for any further disresepect to our President and our Constitution.

The arrogant lawless is getting confronted on every level. An elected official refuses to lead the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance? Really?!

She thinks it's OK to upend our immigration laws in the name of social justice? This woman cannot play fast and loose with our laws. Let's hope that Cousin NoNo got the message and stops pushing for amnesty and open borders!


  1. Don't forget to phone her office number 202-225-8220