Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MakeCaliGreat.Org: Who Are They? Summer of Conservatism: Where and How?

Questions have already swirled around about this group called ""

Granted, men and women will have different conflicts on different issues.

Not everyone gets along. Where there are divisions, members of a team will split off, and division can then lead to multiplication.

But this thing looks very suspicious to me.

Check out their promotion for a "Summer of Conservatism" event:

This post was placed on Victor Tu's Facebook page on May 26.

It's June 14 today (Donald Trump's birthday!). It;s been over three weeks.

Then go to

They want to celebrate Independence Day on July 9th?

That is ridiculous. It's not even a sound idea.

"Biggest gathering of young Conservative voices, and community." Huh?

If this event is all about Making Cali Great, why is there no mention of President Trump?

And where is this event supposed to take place?

Look over the website page for "The Summer of Conservatism", and you will find nothing definite:

Do the organizers of this event really expect me to send them money without knowing where the event will take place?

Events of all kinds have security issues. Always. If the security problems were so great, then organizers need to choose a wiser venue with more secure surroundings.

But there is something very fishy, suspect, shady about expecting people to pay money to attend an event when the location has not been announced.


Oh--and let's not forget that Facebook post on Victor Tu's Facebook profile. Notice how he still lists the event post stating that the event will occur at the Esports Arena. Why has he not taken down that one Facebook post?

This whole opperation looks shoddy and incompetent--or worst, corrupt.

And then there's something else I need to share.

Notice the copyright on the page:



Rachel Gunther has started this new venture, which began after she left Make California Great Again.

That group began in 2016--and then Rachel Gunther left, according to a Facebook post released by John Goya.

Was already in the works during Gunther's tenure at Make California Great Again? Since MakeCaliGreat is a new venture, shouldn't it say "Copyright 2017"?

There are more questions than answers at this point--and I don't like it.

This is my first public statement about the dubious organization "".

Please inform me if you have any statements or concerns about this group, in which Victor Tu, Valentina Bankhead, and Rachel Gunter are connected.

I must also add--We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and many other grassroots patriots are already Making California Great Again--and they do it without soliciting donations. What are your thoughts on that?

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