Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Well-Respected Cudahy Resident Opposes Sanctuary City Policy

How about this?

In the Spanish newspaper, a prominent figure in the City of Cudahy has announed that he does not support the sanctuary city policy!

Luis Garcia, resident of Cudahy

His name is Luis Garcia and he worked very hard to root out the corruption in his city.

He faced death threats. His property was vandalized, including his car.

Yet he persisted.

And now he's speaking out against the lawlessness in his city--including his opposition to "sanctuary city" status.

Here's his statement below (translated from Spanish):

Mexican American Luis Garcia said that Cudahy was in top condition when there were no "tags" to identify who is a citizen and who is undocumented.

"With this we all lose. I do not support being labeled a sanctuary city because we did not win anything. It is a title that is only affecting us, "said Garcia, who has resided in Cudahy for more than 30 years.

Although Garcia said that he will not be part of the 62 signatures needed to approve the measure, he did recommend that the current City Council work more closely with the community.


It's time for more Cudahy residents to step out against the lawlessness in their own city

More importantly, the men and women who pay taxes need to understand that their money is basically being stolen from them, used to promote perversion and immoral conduct on the part of the city council.

As I have written before, I will write again--where there is rampant illegal immigration, there will be rampant corruption. It's time for the reformers in these Southeastern LA cities to wake up and take a firm stance on the illegal immigration in their cities.

Cities cannot exist half legal and half illegal. Everyone must exist under one rule of law.

No illegal immigration, and no corruption.

I applaud Luis Garcia for standing up for what is right--I just wish that he would support the repeal of the utility users tax.


  1. Arthur:

    Do you have any insight into how strongly this community supports the LGBTQ initiatives that the majority of the city council supports based on their warm reception of the presentation last night?

    1. Opposed!!

      This is total perversion!

      It's a very working class ethnic community! They are naturally very conservative, I think!