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LA #Resist Gay Pride Parade: Stumping for Trump, and Sharing Truth Along the Way (Photos)

June 11, 2017.

This past Sunday was the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade.

Ever since I got involved in pro-family activism, I had wanted to attend this event.

My favorite poster that I made for the Gay Pride Parade

It's time that more men and women had the courage to stand up for what is right and  make the world know what is true. The LGBT agenda is hurting everyone.
  1. The men and women themelves who are in bondage to these perversions.
  2. The children who are indoctrinated with the lies about LGBT.
  3. Our culture, which loses the necessary transmission of values. 
  4. Our society's health, since LGBT behavior is leading to a faster spread of disease and illness on a syndemic level.
Here  are more of the posters which I put together for the LA Gay Pride Parade:

 I don't think I could have made it more plain:

Matthew Woods showed up, and it was great to see him!

The LGBT anti-Trumpers came out in full force:

They put a bunch of stickers on the Trump star. The labels included elements like "No Ageism" and "No Ableism" as well as "No transphobia."

Then I decided to take a stand at the Trump star, and share my views:

And this one, too!

Check out the negativity all around though.

The Antifas showed up, acting  more fascist than all the rest.

Then there was a young lady, dressed up as a birth control pill caspule holder!

At least one another American was willing to walk in the parade and demonstrate his American Pride!

There was a militant tinge to the whole event, of course, since the organizers turned the parade into a #Resist Parade.

What is the matter with these people?

Yes there was a man walking around in jeans wearing a "rainbow" tutu.

This is just crazy.

 Check ou the crazy dress on the life and the rainbow shorts on the right.

Remember, this parade turned into a militant political protest. This harsh aspect to the whole thing turned off a lot of people.

One gay man--who voted for Trump--told me that he didnt' feel safe marching in the parade this year, especially with any Trump gear.

Throughout the March, there were men and women hoisting up Anti-Trump posters.

Check out this one:

But at one point, someone protests against free use and copyright infringement:

Then I had to see more vulgar posters--again:

 6-colored rainbows were everywhere, even toward the end of the parade, when the crowds split off:

YES, people were dressed like this ... in public:

This scene was one of the most alarming.

Not just the dollying up of Sado-Masochism, but the parents allowing their children t pose with them.

I was horrified!

One die-hard Hillary supporter--refusing to give up.

I  am so glad that I was not the only Trump supporter out there.

Faris on the left; Matt on the right

Check out what one ruffian did to Faris' flag--first he tried to steal it, but he ended up breaking the pole and leaving it:

Here's the creep who stole the flag (in blue):

More anti-Trump hate.
One would think that the left-wing protesters would get over all this and accept that President Trump is making America Great Again--no matter what your sexual feelings:

Check out the purple balloons, to represent the 49 gays who were murdered by an Islamic terrorist in Orlando, Florida.

Plenty of barrades, just in case:

More large ballons:

"Trans rights are human rights!" Are youf confused yet?

Transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a civil right.

Please, Californians, and Americans of all backgrounds, it's time to stand up to this insanity and shout "Enough!"

More nonsense about the Trump-Russia connection:

"Respect Existence, or expect resistance." Interesting.

That would be a great slogan for the pro-family movement, honestly.

Mayor Garcetti, who is paying for this whole gay pride thing?

Who indeed?

Pink is a good color, on men or women.

What the pink represents for this crowd?

That's where we start getting into problems.

Whoa! As if it could not get any creepier!

Of course, they have to take jabs at Vladmir Putin. But they spelled homophobia wrong!

I must admit--at least there is one ruler willing to stand up to LGBT hate!

I wish that he respected freedom of speech, religion, etc ...

It was alarming to see so many California flags with the LGBT rainbow. This is my state, too!

Hey! It's Marilyn Manson!

And other twisted sisters--or brothers--or whatever:

Define "oppression":

Trump supporters stood tall with our President, in spite of everything.

And we are the Resistance to the Resistance!

 Marriage is not subjec to "Evolution". It's a custom, more than a tradition; a covenant, not a contracct.

 Yes indeed.

I wonder what some of these out-and-proud homosexuals would say to Aaron and Melissa Klein?

Did they deserve to lose their bakery because they would not make a wedding cake for a gay wedding?

By the way ... the lesbian couple did not file the lawsuit. They bigoted Labor Commissioner did.

There are human rights based on God's goodness.

But governments have to recognize and enforce those rights.

At this point, I began walking westbound on Hollywood Blvd,

In spite of the LGBT Hate Parade, the Fulan Gong community showed up to demand help for those persecuted in China.

Sadly, this persecution is becoming a reality in the United States, too!

Here are the Trumpeteers!

Another gay flag.:

This woman was willing to talk about her sexual behavior--and that she is suicidal.


Someone had to do it. You know it would come to this:

 Here is a growing contigent of gay pride participants coming down Hollywood Bvld:

These guys are obsessed with Mike Pence!

Sorry, guys, but he's taken!

The Fascist "anti-fascists" showed up, of course!

Of course!

This lady thanked us for coming, even if she did not agree with our values..

Faris, the organizer for LA for Trump to come to the gay pride parade!

A real trooper for the cause!

More crowds in the street:

Oh brother! What are  you, exactly?

The clean-up crew is already ready:

The ACLU: Do you feel that your rights are being protected, too?

Check out all rainbow flags! So much money to be made off of this destructive agenda, right?

What fight are they worried about?

Uh -- NOPE!

It is not hate to stand for truth.

Jesus refered to the Genesis account, affirming natural marriage: "Male and female he created them. A man leaves his family and cleaves to his wife."

Evolution again? This poster was viewed with the "Jesus" posters.

How do these protesters define "love" or any other intimate sentiment?

Here's more insanity. Comparing Kim Jong-Un to Donald Trump?

This is so silly, it's hard to take seriously.

Here's Matt Walsh laying out his views.

Small group of LGBT activists:

LA County for Trump remains undeterred!

And the set up:

I asked these two men what they have against Trump. They were not ready to give me an answer.

They then claimed that I was a

"Impeach the prick." Classy.

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  1. Look feel free to be proud of being pro Trump, but separate that from your anti-LGBT rhetoric. Trump and many of his supporters dont agree with you on that front and should not put up an image as if we did. Its people like you that make these people have a continuos need to march for equality, not in rights, but in treatment by fellow human beings. Feel free to spout all your LGBT hate, you have your first amendment rights, but please keep it away from you support for Trump and much more preferable would be for you to discuss your reasons and have a dialogue with the LGBT community.