Friday, June 9, 2017

Krauthammer's Folly: Immigration Policy is About Security, Not Compassion

The political commentators on the right are not seeing the light. What is it with them when it comes to immigration? They want to protect life and family. They want to cut taxes, wasteful spending, and the national debt. They believe in our Judeo-Christian culture. But on immigration, they get all wobbly at the knees about enforcing our laws and deporting illegal aliens, regardless of their age or “contributions” to our country.

Notice that I write “our”, not just mine. “E Pluribus Unum” is the national motto, and American leaders like Hector St. John de Crevecoeur understood that to be an American was to be a new man, a new political species, if you will. The American Experiment overcame the tyrannical and arbitrary, traditional dictates of Old Europe, the Backward Middle East, and the Dark, Tribal Rivalries of the African Continent.

All these lessons are lost on these squishes. This “what about the illegals” bleeding heart narrative  has gotten another national advocate, this time from Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer through PragerU. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct, and discussion is necessary on the contentious issue of immigration policy. So, without further ado, let me dismantle and destroy the arguments of Krauthammer concerning a “sensible”” immigration policy.

Right away, notice a thin veneer of arrogance. Is it really sensible for the United States to absorb 11 million lawbreakers in our country? How about they all move into Charles’ penthouse in New York City? Or does he live in the DelMaVar tri-state area? Guess what, Kraut-man: The Democrats in Maryland killed an Annapolis sanctuary state proposal. I am not sure how keen they are on another pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, but God bless those law-abiding naturalized citizens of the Old Line State for keeping their liberal legislators in line.

Instead of pontificating on the complex ideas associated with immigration and its necessary reforms, how about coming to a state which has become so distorted, its culture decimated, and its legal authority diminished by illegal immigration?

I’m talking about California, of course!

Aside from Dennis Prager, most of these intellectual conservatives live in New York City or some other Beltway enclave from the daily pressures imposed by illegal immigration. They should step out of their reddish bubble and see what 30 years of non-enforcement has done to pro-illegal states. Rhode Island is one of the most corrupt states in the union. Illegals in California live off of largesse paid for by We the Citizens. Delaware almost went sanctuary state, but the Blue Dog Democratic sheen to the First State stood out strong. Hawaii? A corrupt banana republic, complete with arrogant judges who think they can dictate national security policy—and yes, they have illegal aliens, too.

Illegal immigration has brought 3rd world corruption to municipalities throughout California. Orange Cove, California is not just 96% Hispanic, but the mayor is a corrupt caudillo who has been under investigation ten times. That’s a pretty good record for corrupt Mexico.

And I don’t want that here.

California is home to one-third of the entire nation’s illegal alien youth population. They are not “DREAMers” anymore, but a nightmare of political agitation and overwhelming lawlessness. They are imbibing communistic, ethno-centric treason. They do not respect the laws of this country, but embrace a false narrative of indigenous genocide committed by European settlers—all while forgetting that Indian populations throughout the Americas perpetrated the most horrific mass murders against one another for centuries. I do not want these indoctrinated, anti-American educated illegals to receive any kind of legal status. They are dedicated to undermining the very country that would hand them a green card. I say “red card” and deport.

Huntington Park, Cudahy, Bell, Bell Gardens, Maywood are all sites of immense corruption, mismanagement … and large illegal alien populations. Los Angeles is indeed the Queen of the LA illegal aliens, although Mayor Garcetti has gotten jittery and will not announce a de jure sanctuary city order.

California is close to becoming a de jure sanctuary state for illegals, too. Thankfully, in spite of his infamous efforts, state senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon is facing opposition to his sanctuary state proposal SB 54. By the way, de Leon is an anchor baby whose relatives are still illegal, and use fake IDs and stolen social security numbers to “survive.” Another reason I do not support legal status of any kind. If it becomes law, SB 54 would prohibit law enforcement from local to state to report criminal illegal aliens to ICE for deportation. This is the epitome of anti-constitutional, social justice warrior insanity. How much more will law-abiding California residents tolerate?

In late March, the state senate stripped out SB 54’s emergency clause, which would have made the law take effective immediately following passage. Such a measure requires a two-thirds vote in both chambers to pass. Democrats do control a slim supermajority in both chambers, but even then the state senate was not on board. De Leon also removed language to protect all criminal illegals, so that the bill will not preclude violent illegal aliens from being reported and deported. But a long list of invidious felonies and all misdemeanor convicted will remain in California.

Can I make it any clearer, Charles? Immigration policy is about securing our borders. Period. Do not peddle this lie that we must resolve the “11 million” problem with some form of humane reform. Humane treatment begins with equality under the law.  Chucky, spare me the moralizing about “compassion”. My compassion is not on trial, and neither is our country’s. Mexico has a wall along their Southern border. Armed guards shoot anyone who tries to break into Mexico. The United States has been too generous to illegal aliens.

But here’s a proposal for you. First bring back to life all the Americans murdered by illegal aliens--including young Ruben Morfin, a 13-year old boy executed by illegal aliens in Salinas, CA—then lecture me about humane treatment and sensible immigration reform.

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