Thursday, June 1, 2017

Triggered: OC Weakly Goes Nuts Over Trump Patriots Protesting Correa Lawless Town Hall

The OC Weakly is on its last legs.

They can't edit their own writing. Gustavo Arellano lost control of the publishing and the owernship. They paper ended up getting sold to another owner for pennies on the dollar.

They champion Naui Huitzilopochtli. That alone shows you how desperate they are.

Then check out what they wrote about We the People Rising, LA County for Trump and others when we crashed Congressman Lou Correa's illegal aliens town hall:

Protesters clashed with Trump supporters at Congressman Lou Correa's town hall on immigration yesterday afternoon before it even started. Correa's office got wind that out-of-town Trumpsters planned to disrupt the event at the Delhi Center, and Santa Ana police were notified in advance. Around 5 p.m., a gaggle of usual suspects from loser group We the People Rising, including Arthur Schaper and self-hater Lupe Moreno, filed into the venue an hour before the town hall was scheduled to begin.

I forgot to shave this morning, Bruh!

One has to wonder why they were so cowardly that they could not introduce themselves to me. I think most of it has to do with how much of a self-embarrassment they are. Their biggest mistake? They keep providing me free press while diminishing their own integrity.

I love trolling the corrupt marginalized media. Did I mention that they have an obsession with Naui?

Check out this part,too!

Schaper traded insults with longtime Mexica Movement supporter Naui Huitzilopochtli while both filmed each other waiting in line before taking to their town hall seats. "Naui, do you want a coconut?" Schaper taunted, while holding the fruit. "That's Ray Herrera," Huitzilopochtli quipped back, making fun of the pig-nosed Mexi Trump supporter not in attendance.

See? They can't even make jokes, since I made all the jokes before them. This OC Weakly crap is so bad, so weak, you almost feel sorry for them. Is that really the best that Gabe "Duh Bruh" San Roman could write?

The tension gave Correa staffers an expected headache. But then, a white Trump supporter traded barbs with a santanera all while Huitzilopochtli filmed on his phone. "So come over here and do it," the white woman taunted. "Really?" the santanera said before approaching her seat. Another Trump gal pointed a finger at the woman's face. "Don't touch me!" the protester said, before swatting it away. Schaper, too busy filming the name card of a Mexican Consul employee next to Correa's on the empty panel at Moreno's request, missed part of the action.

I think San Roman was captivated by the fact that I was reading a name card. Judging by the way he "writes", one has to wonder if he can read at all ...

What can I say? He writes "Santa Ana" as "SanTana". Some, please adopt Gabe and give him a good home and a proper education. Someone, please!

For the rest of the OC Weakly article, click here. Please share the article, too, since they need a little self-esteem boost for the paper's sagging sales and readership!

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