Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Resistance to the Resistance: Californians for Trump

The resistance to the resistance: The best way to describe Arthur Christopher Schaper is that he represents the resistance to the resistance, a Californian who delights in upending city council meetings in so-called sanctuary cities and shouting down Democratic politicians. The unemployed 36-year-old from Torrance can be easily spotted. He’s the loud guy in the sweat-stained Make America Great Again hat. Los Angeles Times

Feel the love.

I have to adjust another statement from this unjust paragraph above.

Many people are leading the Resistance to the Resistance.

It's not just me.

There are many people who are working hard to Make California Great Again and stop the corrupt

"Sweat-stained": It's called "Working".

I don't know what the Los Angeles Times was hoping to accomplish with this profile/hit piece.

Whatever bad they intended, it has all worked for Good!

But for everyone who wants to see the Resistance to the Resistance ...

Look no further than these teams of Trump supporters!

and also

And also

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