Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who is Running in Election 2018 for Wisconsin's US Senate Seat?

I have received a growing number of eblasts saying "Draft David Clarke for US Senate."

Yes, Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke is The Man.

He is a hard-core conservative, an ardent defender of the United States Constitution. a law enforcement official who is not afraid to take a stand for the United States and her citizens.

He loves Donald Trump.

More supporters are angling for him to run against Tammy Baldwin, the openly gay liberal Democrat who defeated former Wisconsin Govenror Tommy Thompson in an unexpected political upset in 2012.

Election 2018 should prove to be a very vulnerable year for Democrats. Donald Trump is hitting high approval ratings with Republicans. He is the first Republican to win Wisconsin in a presidential election since 1984.

Scott Walker's epic conservative reforms, especially his targeting the excessive abuses of the public sector unions have ensured a growing political hegemony for the Republican Party in a state once thought completely lost to Republican intentions.

Tammy is in trouble. She does not care about veterans. Her views are so widely out of the mainstream. And her party is a sinking ship which more Democrats are jumping out of.

But would Sheriff Clarke be the ideal candidate to run?

Most people do not realize this, but Clarke is actually a registered Democrat.

Why? Milwaukee County is so heavily Democratic, that a conservative of any susbstance has no viable chance of winning .. unless he registers as a Democrat.

Will Clarke re-register to run? Perhaps.

Second uestion: who is running for US Senate?

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has these names listed:

John Schiess (GOP)
Scott Harbach (GOP)

The candidates for US Senate cannot circulate nomination papers until April 15 next year. The deadline to file for the seat is June 1st, 2018.

The primary takes place on August 14, 2018.

So far, Sheriff Clarke has not jumped into the race. I would wlecome Clarke in the Trump Administration, though. His authoritative stance on law enforcement is just want our country needs.

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