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¡Si Se Puede DEPORT! CALL ICE About Illegal Alien Activist In Custody

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On 5/18/17, Los Angeles Illegal alien activist and college student, Claudia Rueda Vidal was apprehended by ICE agents. She is an organizer with pro illegal Immigrant Youth Coalition and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance and is pursuing a degree in Latin American Studies. It has been reported that she, along with family members, were part of an immigration Boyle Heights drug raid, when she was taken into custody.

According to the LA Times, in a statement issued 5/19/17, Border Patrol officials said Rueda was one of seven people arrested as part of an investigation into “a cross-border narcotics smuggling operation.” Rueda’s arrest was part of the larger criminal investigation and she had been identified as “part of a support network” for the drug organization. Claudia Rueda was previously arrested by the LAPD in January 2015 on suspicion of trespassing outside the downtown office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

She is currently in ICE custody in Otay Mesa and activists are protesting and calling for her release.
CALL  in support of enforcing immigration laws. NOTE: per a phone call on 5/23/17 to ICE San Diego, Claudia Rueda Vidal is currently being detained at the Otay Mesa ICE facility. Instructions were to call 619.661.3800. .https://www.ice.gov/detention-facility/otay-mesa-detention-center

619.661.3800 (Otay Mesa) &  619.338.3707 (San Diego)
Claudia Rueda Vidal (A# 213-081-680) ENFORCE THE LAW.

From the Free Claudia posting

Early May 18, 2017, Border Patrol conducted a raid in Boyle Heights, kidnapping beloved organizer Claudia Rueda outside her home. When the officials showed up, residents at the house knew not to open the door since the agents couldn’t produce a warrant. But the agents got to Claudia anyway as she was outside moving the family’s car. For several hours her anguished family and community had no idea where she was.

Claudia Rueda is 22-year-old immigrant youth who came to the United States in 2001. She set roots in Los Angeles and has been residing in Boyle Heights for years. Claudia has been an active member of her community and started getting involved in community organizing when she was 17 years old. She attended Roosevelt High School and then went to UC Santa Cruz. She transferred to Cal State LA where she is currently pursuing a B.A. in Latin American Studies. Claudia has been an active member of the Immigrant Youth Coalition and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, and was a Dream Summer intern.

During her time at IYC, she was the Los Angeles IYC Youth Organizer, educating youth about their rights, coordinating political education workshops and helping organize many mobilizations against the criminalization of immigrant communities, deportations and detention. Claudia has been a fierce advocate for gender and racial justice within the immigrant youth movement. She has supported multiple campaigns including divesting from incarceration and investing in youth, disentanglement of law enforcement and immigration, access to health for immigrant communities, access to higher education resources for undocumented youth and against detention/deportations.

Claudia is an immigrant rights organizer with the Los Angeles Immigrant Youth Coalition and student at Cal State Los Angeles. Claudia most recently lead a campaign to free her mom, Teresa, from ICE detention after Border Patrol agents similarly kidnapped Teresa from their home. The timing of Claudia’s detention, just days after she secured her mother’s release on bond, raises the troubling specter of retaliation.
Subject: Support for Claudia Sarahi Rueda Vidal (A# 213-081-680) Prosecutorial Discretion Request

22 Year Old Apprehended By ICE


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