Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shut The F--- UP! CA Democratic Party Chairman Contest in Upheaval!

John Burton better have another set of expletives ready.

The progressives and the Democratic establishment are already at each other's throats.

Oh F---k!

Progressives were disrupting his speech with the DNC Chairman Tom Perez. He told them to "Shut the f--k up and get out!"

Of course, they are not going anywhere ... or are they?

So, how to the California Democratic Party elections end?

First, the specifics about the state party chairman's race:

1,493 Eric Bauman
1,431 Kimberly Ellis

We are talking about ... 60 votes out of 2, 924 delegate votes.


So, we have results from tonight's balloting for the statewide officers of the Democratic Party:
  • Chair: Eric Bauman
  • Female Vice Chair: Alex Rooker
  • Male Vice Chair: Daraka Larimore-Hall
  • Secretary: RUNOFF: Carolyn Fowler v. Jenny Bach
  • Controller: Daniel Weitzman
The runoff for secretary will be held tomorrow morning.

Then an hour later, the following information was released.

From Scott Lay's "The Nooner"

Just now, CDP chair candidate Kimberly Ellis--who apparently fell short to Eric Bauman by 60 votes--spoke to her very passionate supporters.

While it started out as a standard concession speech about the campaign over the last two years, she pivoted and said "We're in touch with legal counsel. . . This race is not over yet.
I guess I'm coming back over here tomorrow. So much for going to farmers' market.
- Scott

Wow! THis election just went from bad to really bad.

Chaos reigns within the California Democatic PARTY!

And check out how heated it has gotten among the Progressives!

Uh Oh! Trouble in progressive utopian paradise?!

And the California Democratic Party officials and ballot counters will not allow for a recount?

Wow, it is true ...

This is so true.

The Democracy is not democratic ... at all. It's just like what the DNC did to the Bernie-crats during Election 2016.

In California, the Bernie progressives will not back down:

The Los Angeles Times will be all over this infighitng.


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  1. This sort of behavior has to alarm even the rank-and-file California Democrats.