Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rhode Island Republican Party: Keep Your Paws off Tax Dollars for Pawtucket Pawsox Stadium

Two years after taxpayers widely rejected a $120 million taxpayer subsidized ballpark, the PawSox have come crawling back.  This time the PawSox owners are asking for a $38 million taxpayer subsidy ($23 million from state taxpayers and $15 million from Pawtucket taxpayers) to build a new ballpark.  

In response, Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell stated: "This proposal is simply a bad idea.  Rhode Island taxpayers cannot afford to subsidize a new ballpark.  Rhode Island taxpayers are facing a budget revenue shortfall of about $100 million dollars.  Speaker Nicholas Mattiello is back tracking on his campaign promise to eliminate the car tax by saying he needs six years instead of five years to eliminate it.  Governor Gina Raimondo is talking about the possibility of cuts to social services to balance the budget. Does Mattiello and Raimondo really want to explain to the voters how they postponed car tax relief and pushed for cuts to social services while giving millionaires $38 million to build a new ballpark?!"
Bell continued:  "We all know that ballparks do not lead to economic development   In 2015, PolitiFact confirmed the assertion made by Steven Frias, the R.I. Republican National Committeeman, that: "Research performed by economists has shown no consistent, positive impact on jobs, income or tax revenues arising from stadiums or sports franchises."  
Bell concluded: "It is ironic that the Pawsox owners are now asking for a $38 million dollar taxpayer subsidy. The number 38 reminds Rhode Islanders of 38 Studios: the bright idea of a former Red Sox pitcher and some clueless politicians that cost Rhode Island taxpayers millions."  

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  1. "This time the PawSox owners are asking for a $38 million taxpayer subsidy........." Send the owners and their team to Lost Wages, its a good bet that Lost Wages will welcome them. At least the Rhode Island GOP is standing up to this ripoff. Maybe the Rhode Island GOP can help out the Hawaii GOP.