Thursday, May 18, 2017

California GOP: Governor Brown Just Called Me a WHAT?!

The California Republican Party is fighting back.

They are targeting Josh Newman, Democratic State Senator from North Orange County for recall.

It's for Californians to also target Jerry Brown, the free-loading Governor who thinks that evereyone of us should pay for the scores of illegal aliens, welfare queens, and public sector union princes who live off of everyone else's tax dollars.

This governor just called me a freeloader?

Excuse me? I am fighting for a better life in the state of California.

I want to see everyone taken care of, who is taking care of themselves as best as possible.

This Governor Moonbeam should be turned into Governor Airhead as soon as possible. How much more offensive can the political class get?

When does the abuse of law-abiding citizens stop?!

It's stops here, with us, the California Republicans!

Arthur --
While Gov. Brown was trying to defend Democrat State Sen. Josh Newman, who was one of the deciding votes on the new $52 billion gas tax increase, Brown gave us new insight into how he really feels about Republicans…
“The freeloaders – I’ve had enough of them,” and then he goes on to say, “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

Wow. This is unbelievable, Arthur. Hard working Californians will be digging deeper in their pockets to pay more for every gallon of gas and every vehicle registration while Democrats can continue to misuse transportation money, even siphon it away to other projects.

P.S. Tell Gov. Brown and CA Democrats NO new taxes! Please use our secure link to donate today:


  1. Us "Freeloaders" support the recall of traitor Josh Newman. "Freeloaders" are a minority in Kalifornia, so do we get a handout from Sacramento?

  2. Go here to join the effort to recall Josh Newman:
    "DeMaio launches recall campaign to reverse car and gas tax hikes"