Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump Supporters Chase Congressman Out Of His Illegal Alien Town Hall

Congressman Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) felt compelled and justified to host an illegal alien town hall.


Sources and followers are now telling me Correa and his fellow illegal alien pandering Congressmen should be arrested on the spot for hosting these outrageous, illegal gatherings.

Think it through, people. How would you react of a Congressman was teaching professional thieves how to get away with burglary and avoid capture?

That's what these Congressmen--Grace Napolitano, Lou Correa, Nanette Barragan, and others--are doing!

Enough is enough.

We the People Rising, Los Angeles County for Trump, all of us and our friends who could come arrived on scene at the Delhi Center to record and report on Lou Correa's abortive town hall. The paperwork lining the tables as we checked it had taxpayered resources telling illegal aliens and their enablers how to get counseling, how to apply for citizenship (now? finally?!).

Almost all of the materials were written in Spanish! Talk about racist and prejudicial--on two levels! First, the documentation does not permit law-abiding, English-speaking citizens to know what the federal government and the illegal alien Congressman is pushing. Second, such a limited about of translation sends the clear signal that only Spanish-speaking nationals are coming into the country illegally.

Terrible precedented, and We the People are paying for it!

Cyrus Hojjaty showed up a little bit later, but before the meeting was set to begin. He called out the Congressman and his staff for pushing welfare to illegal aliens.

I had to suffer with adults in the room who resorted to telling me to shut up. Some of them called me and fellow Trump supporters names. Such childish behavior. One of the biggest children in the room was Naui Huitzilopochtli. He was ready for any opportunity to shame and harrass anyone he could find.

I had so much fun with him! I brought a coconut for Naui to realize what is a coconut--and it's not Raymond O'Hara. Who has a hard brown head with bits of fuzz all over? NAUI! Of course, he did not find that every funny. When I wanted to hand him a pacifier, he seized it out of my hands, then threw it back in my bag. I guess he just wants to cry!

For the next fifteen minutes, while the rest of the group was gathering in the front rows, I connected briefly with Lupe Morfin. SHE CAME! Lupe is awesome! She has been fighting illegal immigration for years. She was one of the Minutemen in 2006. And she knows Naui all too well! "Naui would come after and my grandchildren. He made them cry!

Shameful! These amnesty panderers are cruel and unusal. They have neither respect nor regard for anyone. When I started slamming Naui's legacy of harrassing children and their guardians, he rushed over right away to try and correct the record. He is getting scared and angry!

Victory for Trump Supporters!

The other "Stolen Land" crew showed up with their little signs.I started putting the uestion back to them. "Why are you trying to steal other people's land?" I reminded another wannabe Native American that her ancestors had enslaved other people, even after the Civil War ended in 1865. She wasn't too happy to hear about that. Someone else should remind these Mexica, La Raza nativists, and other anti-American communists that all peoples have enslaved others. It was the Western World, particularly in the United States, which took diligent steps to end slavery. The conscientious objections of godly men enabled them to end the slave trade all over the world.

At one point, Jessica Runfola was attacked by a hateful Chicana who believes that the United States is "stolen land." A court hearing will take place later in July. We expect that Jessica will be released as the charges will be dismissed.

The altercations between Correa and Trump supporters grew more heated after that. Clearly, the patriots in the room were not going to sit back and arbitrarily tolerate the treasonous disregard of our nation's Constitution and immigration laws.

Correa closed down the meeting, but we refused to let him get away with his arbitrary pandering for illegal aliens. The Santa Ana police began escorting everyone out of the room. Then a fight broke out in the parking lot. An Antifa thug was arrested. The police told everyone to leave the area.

Naui was completely triggered, along with the rest of the "Stolen Land" bigots.

All of us were able to escape without fear.

And we had so much to celebrate!!!


  1. Loved it! You and your fellow Trumpers are the best!

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