Monday, May 15, 2017

When Harry (and Corrupt WestCal) Met Auntie Maxine

Holy crap!

I thought it could not get any worse.

Lo and Behold:

WestCal Academy, the corrupt pro-illegal alien front group which pretends to support trade tech and training, is now in cahoots with Maxine "The Crazy Black Lady" Waters.

Don't believe me?

Check this out:

Oh, but wait ... there's more:

Forget partisanship at this point.

Anyone who would dare take a photo with this racist bigot (I'm talking about Waters, not to other WestCal corruptos), must have no character, no courage, or no clear reason for living.

Waters is the same corrupt political fraud who has lied about Reagan, about fellow colleagues on both sides of  the aisle, who has opened borders for illegal aliens while pushing job-crushing regulations.

She has completely abandoned the urban communities in her district.

I don't care how much she claims to have steered toward this or that city. I don't care how nice she claims to be in front of the cameras during public hearings or in city council meetings.

She plays nice, but she is just as corrupt--no, worse--than any other undocumented politician.

But then again, maybe we have another reason why Harry wasn't interesting in taking to me ...

I guess it should come as no surprise that Harry met Maxine at the Inglewood town hall, too!

Once again, I hvae to visit that WestCal logo:

Notice the motto--once again--is "Carpe Veritas" or "seize the truth,"

And their latest contact is .... Maxine Waters?

Oh brother. I don't whether to laugh or make a field goal.


Then notice the slogan: "Make Education Great Again."

They're borrowing President Trump's phrase, yet they welcome a grand-standing fraud who denigrates Donald Trump every chance she gets.


I tell you: exposing the Left has never been so much fun. If you are not careful, anyone can get lost in their vortex of vocal lunacy.

And does John Paul Tabakian have anything to say about this?



  1. You are clearly obsessed with this guy. Who are constantly stalking him online and in person. Somebody should have you arrested....

    Oh wait.. They have... you just dont go away like a roach

    1. Hi Harry -- THank you for reading and commenting.

      The truth is Harry, I have seen you at these events, and why? How did you know that I would be at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade?

      You are following me.

      Just go to the West Carson Veterans Hall and apologize the veterans. Acknowledge your wrongdoing!

  2. Arthur that symbol for "make education great again"
    Looks middle eastern..... I picture it on a mosque....