Sunday, May 28, 2017

RPLAC Executive Director: What Does He Direct? Why No Victories?

So, what is going on with RPLAC?

They have an executived director who answers the phone.

He shows up to events, but usually doesn't want to talk to people.

What is his name again?

Oh, that's right, his name is ...

Jason Maruca:

"I do work here!
Really, I do!"

As an executive director, isn't Jason supposed to help the Republican Party of Los Angeles County win elections?

But what's happening? Republicaans keep losing. There is no registration done.

And where is the fundraising? $500,000 is just welfare money from Charles Munger and the "New Majority" -- really they should be called the "New Minority".

Noelection victories. No press releases. No challeges to the corrupt Democracy running Los Angeles County.

RPLAC's Election 2018 Strategy

Wha's the piint of a political party or a central committee which doesn't want to get political? Why have a central committee which won't fight to win elections? Why?

So, one has to ask: Jason, why are there no victories under your leadership? Why have you done next to nothing to ensure that more Republicans get elected and that conservatives fight to "Make California Great Again?"

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