Saturday, May 20, 2017

Communistic Anti-Choice Aggravation: Marin "Dirty" Energy In Big Trouble

Well, well, well.

CCA has SCAM written all over it!

Who would have thought?

Actually, the conservatives in the South Bay and throughout Southern California have been sounding the alarm about this program for the last two years.

Before anyone else, Tracy Hopkins of Hermosa Beach has been fighting this corrupt perversion of city government, warning residents to "Say No to CCA!"

Now Marin County supervisors are feeling the heat!

From: Jim Phelps <>
Subject: Marin Clean Energy -- manipulated GHG numbers
Date: May 19, 2017 at 5:09:42 PM PDT
To: Kathrin Sears <>

May 19, 2017

Kate Sears, Supervisor, County of Marin
Chair, Marin Clean Energy
1125 Tamalpais Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

Dear Ms. Sears:

The link discusses MCE’s skewed annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rate numbers, per yesterday’s MCE board meeting.  MCE’s numbers understate its actual emissions by nearly 40%.  MCE’s use of financial instruments to hide dirty energy, plus MCE’s failure to report other dirty power, may serve MCE’s bottom line, but your agency undermines truth & transparency for all consumers who truly want to make informed choices about their “clean” energy, and about climate change.    

In comparative terms, this latest emission year (CY2015) MCE claims a GHG emission rate that is 20% lower than PG&E's, yet your actual number is 30% higher than PG&E's. 

I request a meeting with you in order to discuss solving MCE’s persistent integrity problems.  

I note that you ceased communications with me in late 2014 when MCE’s CEO, Dawn Weisz, wrote me a letter that explained that altering MCE’s 2011 GHG number more than a year after-the-fact with paper certificates was a “true up.”  Per public records, Ms. Weisz altered MCE’s greenhouse gas number immediately before publicly advertising the GHG emission rate, prompting the attached PDF.  

Please contact me so that we can begin in-person discussions toward solving the persistent integrity problems at MCE.

Jim Phelps

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