Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Torrance Residents: Reject Trash Fee Increase!

Torrance residents!

Let me make this statement as clear as I can.

The city of Torrance wants to raise the garbage fees.

They are struggling to balance the city budget. They have put in place more fees and ticket programs, many of which are revenue positive, and very much so.


The pension liabilities, which are currently taking 23% of the annual budget.

While it is important to compensate our public safety officers, there is no reason to keep paying them over-abundant pensions and benefits.

If the city goes bankrupt, what's the point of trying to pay lavish anything to police, fire, and other city employees?

Cities exist for the citizenry, all of them. Not for labor unions, not for special interests, and not for the political ly connected power brokers

So, to every Torrance resident who is a trash rate payer.

VOTE  NO on Trash Fee Increases!!!

Make your voice heard on the document below.

Trash rate payers should have received this form below:

If not, contact city hall immediately. There is still time to make your concerns known.

Even with the fee increases. Enough with the rising rates. It's time for our elected officials to make all the tough decisions and start cutting the wasteful spending.

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