Monday, May 15, 2017

CA Dem State Party Chair Candidate "Bernie" Bauman: Single-Payer All the Way (Really, I Mean It!)

The openly gay, supposedly Jewish liberal-crony Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman wants to assure all the Berned California Democratic Party delegates that he is on board for the socializing of our health care system in the state of California.

At first, I would have believed that he was opposed to single-payer health care, since every major crony business interest has funded him and the rest of the Democratic Party of Los Angeles County.

Now that he's facing a strong challenge from the Left (yes, even the California Democratic Party has a left-leaning flank to contend with), Bauman is tripping all over himself to pretend to be the next Bernie Sanders.

Here's the latest eblast he sent out:

Delegates --

As we all know, in campaign season, the accusations and attacks ramp up as we get closer to Election Day.

The newest whopper (John Burton would call it something more colorful, but you get the picture) being spread around is that I'm somehow not wholeheartedly supporting SB 562.

So let's go ahead and tell some of those hard truths...

HARD TRUTH: I supported SB 562 before the bill was even assigned a number, as I laid out months ago in my op-ed,
"Make California a Healthcare Sanctuary State."

But let's be real. An op-ed in election season isn't enough.

HARD TRUTH: Both authors of SB 562, Senators Toni Atkins and Ricardo Lara, have endorsed my campaign for Chair because they know passing single-payer isn't just an election season talking point for me. We need the experience, grit, and know-how to get this job done.

My name is Bernie Sanders, er Bauman!

But let's be real. The fight for single-payer didn't start during this Chair's race.

HARD TRUTH: I've been fighting to make universal single-payer healthcare available for DECADES. It's the reason why I became politically engaged so many years ago, based on my experience as a registered nurse. I worked with then-Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi to pass universal healthcare which was then vetoed by Gov. Pete Wilson. I was in the foxhole with then-Senator Sheila Kuehl when Democrats passed single-payer TWICE, only to have Gov. Schwarzenegger veto it both times. And I was with then-Senator Mark Leno as he tried to make it happen, yet again.

"Universal single-payer". Really.

So it's not just single-payer healthcare, but it's universal. Bernie Bauman really wants you to believe that he is in the long held to push health care into the government's hands once and for all.

He means it!

But let's be real. TALK IS CHEAP. Trust the single-payer fighters with the battle scars to prove it.

HARD TRUTH: Every single author of universal/single-payer healthcare legislation in our state's history -- John Garamendi, Sheila Kuehl, Mark Leno, Toni Atkins, and Ricardo Lara -- are ALL supporting my campaign to lead our Party.

Wow, to see Democratic Party leaders go at it, that's just sick and sad. He is playing the same endorsement game as though the support from key Democratic leaders equals that they share the same views as those endorsing them.

That's simply true.

Let's be real. They're standing with me because I've stood with them over the years doing the real work to make single-payer a reality.

You have stood with crony corporate interests, buddy. We all know that you are just another plugged-in corporate shill.

And you are against everything that you claim  to hold dear according to your Jewish faith.

This man is godless and evil. He denies natural marriage, and believes it's OK to teach men, women, and children that they can jump into sexual anarchy without consequences. 

You have no faith but in the state.

"Bernie Bauman" is a total fraud.

I hope you'll join them because, with SB 562, single-payer is in reach. This is our chance to finish the job for all of those who've come so close in the past, and most importantly, for the millions of Californians who deserve affordable, high-quality healthcare.

Actually, it isn't. In fact, the speaker of the State Assembly has hedged his bets, and says that single-payer isn't going to happen.

Single-payer's time is here!

Eric C. Bauman
Vice Chair, California Democratic Party
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Final Reflection

The Democratic Party is turning into California's Left-wing progressivism. Here the Democratic Party will live or die.

It will either survive or take a dive.

I hope that it takes a dive, and for good.

When people see California crash and burn, let's hope the rest of the Democratic Party across the country will die, too. They have become completely communistic. They have a set of values that are not really values. They want to undermine the rule of law, the laws of nature, and the authority of Nature's God.

If we want to see the American experiment grow and thrive, we need to see the Democratic Party diminish and disappear.

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