Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hateful Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Smeared

The Southern Poverty Law Center advertises itself as the watchdog for civil rights and anti-discrimination. Sadly, they have turned into the most discriminatory and fraudulent group out there. The whole corrupted organization has done nothing to stop poverty in the South. They have no interest in abiding by any sort of law. In fact, they try to turn whatever they believe or want to fight for into a law of its own.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has turned into the very thing it claims to fight: a hate group.

The virulently anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a well-funded left-wing extremist group based in Montgomery, Alabama, has begun targeting our MassResistance chapters, particularly our chapters in California, Texas, and Missouri. It has started pushing its demonization and disinformation to local liberal activists and media outlets.

"Virulent" is the word, underscoring the heart of hate motivating this twisted special interest group. Notice the widespread targeting of MassResistance chapters. Notice the desperation to name names, going after every state. Wow, can you sense the pro-LGBT mania?

Indeed, MassResistance has taken on its fair share of hate from SPLC, but check out specific attacks against California MassResistance. Despite our relatively new status in the system of pro-family activist groups, we are already driving liberal media cohorts crazy. Here are some of the sad statements against California MassResistance, which attempted to but failed to shame me and fellow pro-family activists in the Golden State. This paragraph, filled with lifted quotes from previous writings and lacking in cohesive original content form the author, it appeared in the slowly diminishing OC Weekly:

That group supports state mandates against abortion, opposes government interference with bullying, objects to FBI and CIA hiring of gay employees, and dismisses all discussions of homosexuality that aren't condemnations. Such stances caused the Southern Poverty Law Center to designate MassResistance a hate group.

The "government interference with bullying" is the pettiest distortion. Actually, MassResistance opposes teaching gay-friendly and transgender-accepting material, much of which is advertising under the subtle, misleading guise of "anti-bullying." What can one say? Hardly “gay”, these hatchet jobs are shameful and sad.

Of course, OC Weekly's diminishing editorial and writing departments are nothing to worry about. The writers brazen editioralizing has given MassResistan more positive support (since no one takes alternative rags seriously). Of course, more mainstream liberal publications have gone along with the SPLC false narratives. Consider this report, in the Torrance-based Daily Breezewhich posted the following about me following the unjust revocaton of my club's (The Beach Cities Republicans) charter:

Schaper also is the California director for a group called Mass Resistance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called an anti-gay hate group.

Yawn. The very lightly-regarded journalist and his sinking flagship newspaper are struggling for readers. The paper has practically disappeared compared to its daily editions published ten years ago. The increasingly liberal bent of the paper has turned off South Bay subscribers. What's worse, this reporter didn't bother to research as much as take whatever OC Weekly had reported about me. Not much for investigative journalism. One person's comment about the article pretty much says it all, particularly slamming SPLC:

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls just about any group to the right of Karl Marx an anti-"fill in the blank" hate group. Crying wolf all the time costs one their credibility.


And the above remark is the perfect segue to renowned researcher and anti-Islam publicist Pamela Geller, whose remarks going after the SPLC were the best news yet:

The SPLC, traffickers in blood libel and incitement to murder, is a hate group that the left counts on to smear, defame and destroy those brave enough to oppose their totalitarian agenda. This is the hardcore leftist group whose members have targeted family group leaders for assassination.

Pretty damning words!

There's more good news, too!

Its hate group list is so tendentious and politically motivated that they were recently removed from a government website’s listing of resources on hate groups. The SPLC lists my organizations and me as hate groups.

No matter how chaotic and frustration Washington becomes, we who love truth and freedom should rejoice. But why has this sudden turn for the better emerged for conservatives against SPLC?
  1. Obama’s eight years of rampant, hateful left-wing propagandism slammed everyone who opposed him as a de facto "hate group." Very tendentious and politicized.
  2. The cult of political correctness has gone from intellectual one-ups-manship to a life-threatening cultural illness (i.e. radical Islam + refugees = lots of dead people).
  3. Finally, Donald Trump ran on political in-correctness, i.e. telling the truth. He not only pledged to Make America Great Again, but Make Free Speech Great Again.
We are not reaping the rewards of these efforts. SPLC will turn into a hollowed-out relic of the progressive Left’s self-destructive past, and more Americans will boldly step out for Christ, for life, and for natural marriage and the family.

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