Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017: The Remembrance Project at Senator De Leon's Office

After the court hearing for Johnny Sanchez, The Remembrance Project paid a visit to Senator Kevin De Leon's district office in Echo Park:

As Remembrance Project volunteers, we stuck to a very clear set of points and principles.

We drove over to his office as uickly and as uietly

Arriving at the district office, we met with one of the staffers. Instead of disrespect and disregard, the staffer did listen to us:

And here's the full video of the Remembrance Project visit and presentation in Kevin De Leon's Office:


Why did the Remembrance Project go out of its way to pay a surprise visit to State Senator Kevin De Leon?

1. He is the author of SB 54, the sanctuary state bill, which will all but assure more deaths like those of the Westlake Five:

2. His insensitivy to this issue mandates that we put a human face on illegal immigration.

3. The murders occured in De Leon's district.

4. DeAndre Mitchell, one of the five killed in the fire, was a constituent of De Leon.

5. To this day, Senator De Leon has issued no public statement denouncing the savage murder of five Americans in his district at the hands of an illegal alien.

Janice and Janet
Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Period.

Check out Robin Hvidston giving De Leon's staffer a picture of DeAndre Mitchell, one of the five Americans killed by illegal alien Johnny Sanchez in the abandoned warehouse:

She then gave to the staffer a copy of the letter from US Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to get answers about the ilelgal aliens and the death of five Americans.

Last time, members of We the People Rising (who also serve with the Remembrance Project), were met with disrespect and hostility. The staffers even called the police on the constituents

This time, the reception was more cordial:

Here are a few other members of the Remembrance Project, with the uilts to commemorate mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters murdered by illegal aliens:

The staffer listened to different members of the Remembrance Project Team, too

Final Reflection

The staffer was polite, but showed herself to be annoyed.

She had no interest in really taking charge of the issues afflicting the district and the state.

The Remembrance Project has taken every possible step to hold elected officials accountable. They took an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. This oath includes respecting the integrity of our nation's borders and cooperation with federal authorities.

De Leon's pet bill SB 54 would undermine this oath of office--and endanger countless lives in the state of California.

We do not need one more face added the Remembrance Project legacy.

Let's rather remember that the United States is the greatest country in the world, and We the People have every right for our borders to be secured.

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