Friday, May 19, 2017

Tom Steyer: Rich, Leftist 1%-er What Wants to Endanger Californians

What is the  Big Green billionaire Tom Steyer up to now?

He's at the California Democratic Party convention today.

What is he sending out eblasts for, though?

"It's not enough to be rich.
I have to make the rest of you poor!"

He's not running for state party chairman, although pundits have suggested he might want to be the next Governor of Californa.

Here's the eblast:


Greetings from the California Democrats State Convention.

Right now, I am meeting with fellow progressives from across California to plan how our state will continue to lead the resistance and defend our democracy. Together, we will uphold the values and ideals that truly make America great.

The battle isn’t only about what is happening in Washington. It’s about the special interests pulling the strings in Sacramento as well — and we need your help to fight back.

In the next two weeks, lawmakers in Sacramento will have an opportunity to vote on crucial legislation that will help protect Californians. But corporate special interests are fighting tooth and nail to prevent these significant reforms from being passed.
Transparency for drug prices
Californians are currently left in the dark about our prescription drug prices. Senate Bill 17 will prevent drug companies from dramatically raising prices with no warning, and will require health insurance companies to disclose what portion of our premiums go towards prescription drugs.

Reforming California’s money bail system
California's current bail system is discriminatory and and keeps poor people locked up simply for being poor. Senate Bill 10 and Assembly Bill 42 will create a more just and effective replacement for California’s money bail system. These bills will make sure that bail is set at a reasonable level based on a person’s ability to pay, and take better account of non-monetary factors when considering whether a person can be released.
We can’t move forward unless we break the grip of special interests in our politics — in California and throughout our country.
Thanks for speaking up,
Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate

The argument that people are locked up for being poor is all wrong.

Men and women are incarcerated because they are suspects of a crime, and on trial. What are people talking about? This misplaced compassion is underminig our criminal justice system and making people less safe.

These arguments are fraudulent and immoral. Of course, billionaires like Tom Steyer don't have to worry about crimes committed in our streets since he lives in gated communities far away from the times and trials of daily life. The Democratic Party's increasingly anti-prosperity, pro-poverty agenda is pushing out the middle class and creating a two-tiered system of abject inequality.

And all this talk about transparency?

I wish that Steyer would come clean about all the money he makes from the Crony Big Green Agenda!

This guy is not happy with being rich.

He wants you to be poor, too!

Californians: It's time to rise up and put a stop to this Left-Wing madness!


  1. Tom Steyer is one of the more odious characters on the California (and national) scene, political and otherwise. This was true before the article below was written (Nov. 2014) and is still true. Be on alert when you see or hear his name:

    "U.S. midterms, Tom Steyer, and the death of 'climate change' as a serious political issue"

  2. Tom Steyer, another billionaire who made his money from Capitalism, but now wants to inflect Big Green on us “Freeloaders” and push Social Justice on all us “Grey Masses”. He even admits to being a “Progressive”. Not correct, he is a Commie, Leftist who wants to make us “slaves” to the ruling elite ( him ).